Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Silly Bands. Or it is Silly Bandz? Whatever they are, I absolutely hate them. A plethora of my friends, who are just about to enter college, are loving this fad, as they trade them among each other. I HATE THEM SO MUCH! I just don't understand why you'd ever want to spend money on stupid rubber bands that break so easily. I mean, sure, the whole shape thing is kinda interesting. But at the same time, you can't see the shape when you're wearing them...and isn't the point WEARING THEM? Ugh, so stupid. I hate how every single person, except a select elite minority, owns these worthless bracelets and decided to succumb to a fad. A really stupid FAD. Nomination Charm Bracelets were a fad, but that was so cool. They actually had a purpose, they actually had some kind of physical attraction. I just hate Silly Bandz (I like the "z" spelling so much better) . And what makes it even worse is that some fashion icon's have decided to give in also. Like Mary-Kate Olsen, I'm disappointed. I always liked Ashley better, and now I know why. I guess they're fine for kids, but then again, what isn't fine for kids? Porn? But people who have begun puberty: stop it. I am extraordinarily nostalgic, probably one of the most nostalgic people I know, so if I don't wear Silly Bandz, nobody else should in order to "recapture their youth". That's what the midnight premiere of Toy Story 3 is for.


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