Thursday, 10 June 2010

Why I Hate American Apparel.

In terms of clothing, I am not a "normal" teen. I'm not trying to say that I am super unique and everyone should want to be me, but there is something I refuse to do: frequently shop at American Apparel. I will admit, it is a good place for costume clothes, but besides that? I hate it. I hate it's strive to be "all hipster and cool" because everyone shops there. So what's so cool and unique about something everyone does? And I hate their advertisements: they do not show off he synthetic and kind of gross clothing, but essentially naked people. I don't like it. And based on a recent article I read, I hate it even more. Apparently, the big shots at American Apparel find it necessary to base their employment off of people's looks. This article taps into wanting pretty people and whenever I go in there, for five minutes, I never see people who are not conventionally beautiful. I hate that: I genuinely believe everyone is beautiful in their own way. And they are never dressed "normally", but always in American Apparel metallics and other crazy wear. This is disgusting. Of course, as aspiring fashionistas, we'd love it if everyone was their fiercest always. But the world isn't perfect. Some people lack an ideal personal style but they have a good work ethic. The Devil Wears Prada?! COME ON, NOW! News flash, American Apparel, fashion doesn't have to be shallow. It can be based on good work ethic...just saying.

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