Sunday, 6 June 2010

The Magazine Across the Pond

Although I like to read whenever I can, I think that my absolute favorite things to read are magazines. They're real, the pictures are phenomenal, and you do not need as much commitment, which is crucial when you're either lazy or busy, or ironically a little bit of both. When I was in London this past spring, I was walking on the street when someone passed me a copy of Stylist. I read it in the airport, with a few HOURS to spare. And I absolutely loved it. There were articles, about travel and real life, that I found quite interesting. And when there's an article about Christian Louboutin, what aspiring fashionista wouldn't like it? I was really sad to find out that there was no corresponding American copy of Stylist. But have no fear, because there is a digital copy of the magazine so people ALL OVER THE WORLD can read and enjoy! In this week's issue, there's an article to see if there's a correlation between pets and happiness. It's light and interesting. Although, I like the physical publication-there's something irreplaceable about holding and reading a magazine- this is a pretty good alternative.


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