Monday, 19 December 2011

Twelve Days of Trendy: Around the World Shopping

The whole idea of Santa Claus is very thought-provoking. He happens to know everything you want even if you don't send a note. How could he eat all of those cookies without going on the Karl Lagerfeld diet? And how does he travel around the world in a single night? Although we aren't as skilled as Santa, we can shop around the world in a few clicks. What? You read that right.  Ladies and gent, I give you Boticca.

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Everyone has those friends who hate shopping mainstream. Instead, they love vintage pieces or obscure finds. Boticca is the perfect place to shop for these friends. The geniuses behind the website pick the best emerging designers from all over and showcase them on Boticca.  This site has fabulous finds at a bunch of different price points.  Personally, I'm obsessed with the Gold Swan Cuff: the detailing is phenomenal. Although I'm not a ring person, the Sun God Ring is beautiful, so drop $5,000 on me, please? I'm literally going insane over Boticca's fantastic statement necklaces. Breath-taking, literally.
Think of Boticca as travelling without a passport! 
Bon Voyage! 

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