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Menswear Fall 2012: Would You Date That?

Men's fashion truly intrigues me. There's a very fine line between dateable menswear and fashion friend with no benefits. While some people would want their guy to dress in a simple tee and jeans, we fashionistas need someone who won't cramp our style. So let's cut to the chase, shall we? I'm very excited to bring back my favorite type of blog post, "Would You Date That?" As always, my scores will range from 0 to 10.

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Miharayasuhiro's spin on menswear is a complete success. Unlike other collection, many  of the looks could be worn right off of the runway.  The baggier silhouettes  make this collection more "real man-approved."  Many of the separates in this collection can be restyled in order to give every man that fashionable edge without going too far. Perfecction. Also, I love how the designers mixed in some gorgeous dresses: looking at menswear is only fun for so long!   However, some of the suits are just not dateable. But, I'd love to see them on Brad Goreski

Versace: 2 
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While the execution of each piece was so right on, I'm a little concerned. As a whole, the collection is a little too feminine for me. Don't get me wrong, I love florals and pizazz as much as the next glamazon; however, I wouldn't want to date someone who's sporting bedazzled denim. I know, call me crazy. 

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I'm torn: some of these looks are super chic while others are just...too much. The checkered suits scream John Legend to me, which I'm kind of loving. And that white tux? Too good for words, literally. Although the brushstroke-inspired suits are totally fabulous, I definitely wouldn't agree to a second date with a guy who sported one. I think half of the collection is awesome and the other half is a little too bold for your average Joe.

Givenchy: 3  
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This collection can be define in three words:versatile, cozy, and edgy. A lot of the separates are super chic and could work in well with a great masculine look. Maybe it's because this winter weather is less-than-ideal, but I'm all about chunky knits. I know it's so weird to call Givenchy cozy, but these sweaters make me want to snuggle.  Also, the monochromatic red looks are awesome: pairing it with a pair of jeans or a black tee would be so cool.  However, those skirts are definitely not dateable. Unless your boy is Scottish. 

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Christopher Bailey always does something polished, yet sexy, when it comes to menswear.  What always impresses me about Burberry Prorsum is how any piece could be dressed up or dress down. The green bomber jacket, for example, would look super sick with a graphic tee and skinnies. Definitely hipster, but not too in-your-face. The chunky sweaters are to die for... so precious! Can we stop and talk about all of those velvet pieces? Say what you will, but I secretly  want to date Chuck Bass. Your guy could even dress a velvet blazer down with jeans and a simple white tee.  The only downside about this collection is the less-than-fabulous array of newsboy hats. I hate newsboy hats so much, I'd probably break up with someone if they sported one. 

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I've never been so afraid of fashion. While I'm a huge proponent of the "art is fashion" movement, what guy would ever wear this? This isn't male couture!  Not only are the prints absolutely insane, but those shoulders are terrifying. While I love tall guys, I'm not look for the Hulk. 

Louis Vuitton: 10 
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Literally, this is perfection in a collection. Everything is so fashion-forward, but also sticks to a masculine aesthetic (well maybe not that hat). The collection's color scheme is so rich and versatile, which means that it will look good on any guy. I also love how  this collection brings back the trench. I mean, hello, Breakfast at Tiffany's?! Okay, I'm sure some of you are questioning this high rating because some the sweaters are a little...avant garde.  It's all about the styling. For example, they could be used as outerwear or paired with skinnies. Innovation, people!  And who doesn't love a man in a suit
Balmain: 8 
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This menswear doesn't disappoint. Usually, European menswear isn't very datable; however, the emphasis on black makes these looks more casual and attractive. The blazers, for example, are chic and have a dash of toughness. On the downside, white jeans on guys kind of freak me out. But it also doesn't hurt that the model is super gorgeous.

Walter Van Beirendon: 0
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I think this is pretty self-explanatory
Hermes: 9

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I love this collection because it's chic, but definitely dateable.  The suits are perfectly tailored and super classic. In addition, Hermes' outerwear is phenomenal: the perfect mix of masculinity and fashion-forward.  You may be a little skeptical about the aligator-inspired pants, right? The way I see it, they'll come in handy when you secretly wish you were dating  Russell Brand 
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  1. Brilliant, Kel! Fab as always! Oh, and thanks Thom and Walter for the probability of nightmares after seeing some of your collection.