Sunday, 21 April 2013

The 2013 MTV Movie Awards

 From the hilarious Rebel Wilson's hosting gig to the highly anticipated Catching Fire trailer, this year's show was more than a reminder that summer is just around the corner. As always, the looks that paraded down the red carpet boasted the good and bad (scratch that, mostly bad) of spring fashion.  So let's take a quick break from recounting the latest spring trends and check out the best and worst looks from last week's red carpet.

The Worst.
Kylie Minouge Paco Rabanne: Compared to other award shows, the MTV Movie Awards are more youthful. In addition to the young audience, the show has a heavy emphasis on young Hollywood. While this must've been inconvenient for Minogue, wearing a sultry dress is not the way to combat the age gap. Though the pop sensation never shies away from an attention-grabbing ensemble, this officially cross the line. Cover up!

Amanda Seyfried in Three Floor: The color palette and hypnotic graphic are refreshing; however, the lackluster styling puts this look on the worst dress list. Though Seyfried's hair and makeup are very pretty, the lack of accessories and a bold lip enables the dress to wear the actress. A bright red lip and a dark, chunky sandal would easily turn this miss into a hit.

Chloe Grace Moretz in Louis Vuitton: Though I love the denim-on-denim trend as much (if not more) than the average fashion girl, this look is too casual for the red carpet. In short, this ensemble makes no sense. The patchwork denim plus the girly T-strap heel equals trailer park chic. Also, the minimal makeup washes Moretz out! This dress would be great for a casual lunch, but not for the red carpet!

Kerry Washington in Michael Kors:  Though Washington consistently nailed each red carpet look during awards season, nothing last forever. Not only is this high-low skirt too high, the overall concept is just too much for the MTV Movie Awards. If I were to style Washington, I would've put her in this Jason Wu number: the dainty texture and edgy leather accents define Washington's classic, yet though-provoking, aesthetic. 
Ke$ha: It seems as if Ke$ha is trying to be Rachel Zoe's latest minion, but she failed...miserably. Overall, this ensemble is just confusing. The sheer Gypsy Junkies pants clash with the casual top-- the floral undertone on each piece is not enough to creative a cohesive ensemble. And what's with that fringe vest and the wide brim hat? This isn't Coachella, sweetie.  To make matters even worse, the deep lip is scary. I want to forget this ever happened, but I can't.

Selena Gomez in Julien Macdonald: Usually a red carpet darling,  the songstress looks more like a Vegas showgirl.  The defiant hairdo and glitzy dress are too much. Though the Spring Breakers star rightfully paired the dramatic ensemble with nude shoes and simple makeup, I still think she went a little overboard.
Macklemore: Instead of spending his 20 dollars at a thrift shop, Macklemore apparently buys his threads at a costume store. Seriously, what is this? If he forwent the extravagant cape, the electric blue suit would've been enough to make a semi-respectable fashion statement (especially with those super cool smoking loafers).

Hana Mae Lee in Marco Marco: I can only imagine that this Pitch Perfect star sported the cigarette headpiece for comedic purposes; however, the rest of the ensemble is dreadful. If you can look past that atrocious hat, which I barely can, the strappy pumps do not work with the dress's dominatrix-inspired neckline. Instead of creating a cohesive ensemble,  she just looks sloppy. This dress would look a million times better with a nude platform heel and sleek ponytail.
The Best.
Emma Watson in Maxime Simoens: Always dressed to impress, Watson continues to shine in this blue crush dress. The geometric neckline and chunky pair of heels balance the otherwise dainty silhouette. Together, the natural makeup and polished hair create the ultimate blank canvas. Though the actress experiments with different shapes and fabrics, Watson always dresses to please both mass media outlets and fashion snobs.  
Beau Mirchoff: Though I'm more of a Jake Rosati type of girl,  this Awkward  star can make any girl swoon. Matty McKibben, Mirchoff's onscreen persona, dress like your average jock; however, the actor brought his sartorial A-game to the red carpet. Not only does the blue jacket offer a casual take on the traditional suit, the fetching hue makes his eyes pop. The grid button-down adds a thoughtful amount of detail to this ensemble. Between his good looks and impressive style, I can't wait to see him on the red carpet more! 
Skylar Astin: The Pitch Perfect star won our hearts with his  soulful voice; luckily, he continues  to wow us on the red carpet. Though a standard suit is too formal for this occasion,  nixing the tie instantly relaxes this look. That boyish smile and subtle stubble are the perfect finishing touches. 
Zoe Saldana in Givenchy:  To be perfectly honest, I love most of Saldana's outfits. Thankfully, this Givenchy number is no exception. Though this attire  isn't a standard MTV Movie Award outfit, Saldana is never one to stick to the sartorial status quo. In my opinion, this look is all about balance. With voluminous curls, a poppy lip and strappy heels, Saldana made this potentially drab uniform a red carpet hit. Additionally, the floral skirt gives this gothic silhouette a necessary dash of energy. Brava

Kylie Jenner: Youthful and sophisticated, Jenner is perhaps the most stylish member of the Kardashian Klan.  The essentially monochromatic ensemble and light pink lip makes this ensemble feminine without being too girly. To give this number a youthful twist, the shred of skin injects a dash of sex appeal. Can all teenagers dress like this?

Photos from Elle UK and The Huffington Post