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Spring 2014 Menswear: Would You Date That?

When it comes to menswear, style is so much more complicated than a simple suit and tie. As much as we gush over Brad Goreski and David Beckham's fantastic style, some menswear looks are just too much. In fact, some would even say undateable. In honor of the most recent menswear collections, I'm excited to revive "Would You Date That?"As a reminder, the rating system is the following:
0= No way!
10= Call me, maybe?
I'll be a first one to admit that fashion is one of the most powerful forms of expression out there, but when does it become too much? Keep reading! 

Though sporting a matching suit is the ultimate way to score an effortlessly chic ensemble,  the pretty florals and the lace overlay are a bit much. They'd be ideal for a forward-thinking fashionista, but for a guy? No thank you! And I can't help but think those long vests eerily resemble ladylike dresses. A woman has her right to wear the proverbial pants in a relationship, but men should never opt for a pants-free outfit. However, even with the array of baggy pants, I must say that these looks are tailored to perfection. (Photo) 
Deny it all you want, but guys' clothes are undeniably more comfortable than anything a girl owns. Whether it's that snuggly feeling or the faint Old Spice scent, you know it's true. As much as I'm loving these printed tops, this collection is not boyfriend-approved. Sexy as it seems, you wouldn't want this Casear ensemble to take you out to dinner. And while the tank top/briefs combo may be a great way to see your fella's amazing muscles, it's just too comfortable for the real world. Are we in the wrestling rink? No, so this needs to go. That being said, the crisp white suits are absolutely divine.  (Photo)
A pop of color is never a bad thing, yet this collection feels like a Kate Spade catalog. And while women may love the ultra girly brand for themselves, it' doesn't scream "boyfriend material." Though the silhouettes are simply timeless, the crazy color palette and excessive use of polka dots are quite clownish. Plus, what's happening with these strange necklines? To be blunt, the sweaters are sloppy and the infinity scarves are unnecessary. Even still, this collection as a whole revisits the typical, stylish man of the 1950s.  (Photo)
We shouldn't be asking ourselves what about this collection is dateable; we should be asking ourselves what about this collection is aesthetically pleasing. I know what you're thinking: harsh. Allow me to explain!  From the oversized jackets to the ever present flip flops, this whole collection was cringe-worthy.In fact, this show felt like a sad attempt to revisit the "Dawn of the Aquarius." Vivienne Westwood is such an innovative designer; however, she should stick to womenswear. It's just what she does best. (Photo)
There's something undoubtedly sexy about a classic suit.White suits, black suits, grey suits-- love them all!  Fortunately, Tomas Maier brings back this classic while adding modern pieces into the mix. Sometimes, I feel bad for fashion-forward guys: there's only so many ways to make a sartorial statement with a shirt and pants. Unlike many menswear collections that stick to the average sweater or collared button-down, Bottega Veneta gives men options. What a concept! With a plethora of short button-downs, saucy v-neck sweaters and funky vests to choose from, men now have easy-to-wear options that are both stylish and tasteful. (Photo)
Thom Browne: 1
For Thom Browne this season, milita is not just a mere source of inspiration. From massive aviators to general-approved silhouettes, each look is fit for a soldier. Though the artistic perspective deserves a round of applause, is this collection dateable? To dig a little deeper, are these military threads even marketable? As well-executed as this collection is, I'm curious to see how this overarching theme will do in the mass market. But let's go back to the dateable factor, shall we? Though we may love Leo in The Aviator, these looks resemble a Halloween costume. Maybe in October. (Photo)
"Jailhouse Rock," Danny Zuko, Cry Baby-- admit it, everyone has an everlasting crush on the stereotypical 1950's guy. Lucky for all of us Sandy wannabes, the latest Saint Laurent collection revisits this bad boy aesthetic. Without a doubt, the slew of standout jackets reign superior. Sporty bomber jackets? Please. Rebellious moto jackets? Swoon. And before you think this collection is a little too masculine for the catwalk, the brand unveils a ton of metallic blazers. However, the last chunk of looks takes the whole "bad boy" rep to a new level with bandanas and tough vests.Thought-provoking? Yes. Boyfriend material? Not so much.   (Photo)
Attention all Brad Goreski posers, Marc Jacobs's latest menswear collection is for you! With tailored suits in creamy sherbets, punchy dress shoes and a bevy of fun tops, this collection blends preppy with contemporary. Though several of the pieces are little too ostentatious, you can't deny that this overall collection is pretty brilliant. Want to dress your honey in this collection? Pair these colorful pieces with neutral classics.    (Photo)

What do you think about these menswear collections? Sound off below!

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  1. I feel like separating the top and bottom in that Vivienne Westwood outfit would provide some fashion-forward lounge-wear for men!

    ♥ emma elise