Monday, 23 December 2013

Trendologist-Approved Gift Guide: The Athlete

Sometimes, it feels as if you and your loved ones are just like the Spice Girls (without the utterly 90's ensembles, that is): you break out into song frequently, value girl power, and are always looking for ways to spice up your life. As a style savant, you are naturally Posh Spice, but what about your other friends? Luckily, your group's resident Sporty Spice is quite obvious. She (or he) is the one who lives at the gym, has minimal body fat, and is always saying words like "organic." As jealous as you may be, you must applaud your fitness guru for always staying in shape. And your holiday gift to him or her should reflect that.  Just because your favorite athletes spend their time participating in triathlons, mediating on the beach, or rock climbing doesn't mean that they won't enjoy a stylish gift. This year, combine le sportif and unapologetically chic for one perfect present.

Nike FlyKnit Lunar +1 Shoes ($130): Though this pick is the obvious gift option for any exercise guru, these kicks will have your recipients praising you for years. That's right, years. It's no secret that Nike provides only the best and most stylish sneakers; however, this innovative model takes chic gym shoes to the next level. Between the lightweight model, updated cushioning system, and au courant color combinations, these Nike sneakers reign superior.  (Photo)
LPD New York Team Tisci Shirt ($85): Bring your loved one's athletic attitude from the track to the street. If you have yet to swoon over LPD New York's fabulous designer team shirts, this potential present gives typical sports jerseys a fashion-forward twist. Give this gift a personal touch by picking your fitness nut's favorite designer. From Riccardo Tisci, to Miuccia Prada, to Marc Jacobs, there's a bevy of fashion geniuses to choose from. (Photo)

LifeProof iPhone Swimband/ Armband ($45): Whether enduring a heart-pumping session on the spin bike or cooling off with laps in the pool, music is a must for every gym rat.Keep the tunes pumping with this practical armband. Though it's not the most stylish pick on the market, its features will make any fitness king or queen swoon. Waterproof lycra? Check. Thick padding to prevent discomfort? Definitely. Non-slip silicone dots to keep the armband in place? Of course! Before you buy this pick for your favorite athlete, make sure he or she has an iPhone 4/4S. If not, take a look at this major round up. (Photo)
Diane von Furstenberg Printed Ear Buds ($23): As every fitness king or queen knows (and now so do you, thanks to LifeProof's iPhone Swimband/Armband) a good workout is impossible without a playlist filled with catchy tunes. Though it can't be backed up with science just yet, I have a theory that fun headphones are another factor to a productive gym session. Luckily, these plugs are lightweight enough to seamlessly work into any time on the treadmill and fun enough to give your recipients the chic exercise they deserve.  (Photo)
Marc by Marc Jacobs Laminated Twill Tote ($55): Whether the fitness junkie in your life is racing from the office to the gym or never leaves without his or her yoga mat, a stylish gym bag is necessary. Available in a plethora of colors, this tote is the perfect bag to stash in any gym locker. Versatile and affordable, how could your recipient not
love this pick?   (Photo)
J.Crew Embroidered Emblem Hat ($48): To be perfectly honest, athletic chic is the perfect type of off-duty ensemble. I love baseball-inspired bomber jackets and chic track pants as much as the next fashionista; however, active accessories are the perfect way to give some spring to your fitness queen's sartorial step without redefining her entire look. The navy and gold combination is to die for while the embroidered emblem gives this pick a preppy twist. Not only can your work out expert wear sport-ify her look with this cap, it's perfect for an afternoon run or hike!  (Photo)
Lululemon Mat ($68): While your resident fitness connoisseur utilizes the weights and medicine balls his or her gym supplies, every avid yoga fanatic has their own mats. How can someone relax when they don't know who was sweating all over the borrowed mat during yesterday's hot yoga class? Exactly. With downward dog-approved cushioning and a polyurethane coating that prevents any and all un-zen mishaps, this pick is the perfect way for your favorite yoga groupie to practice in style.  Namaste(Photo)

Clean Bottle The Square ($40): Staying healthy isn't all about exercising and eating all-organic goods: staying hydrated is a must. Consequently, this sleek water bottle is both stylish and practical. Translation? It's the ultimate gift. Not only does this bottle unscrew from both sides, which makes it super easy to clean, Clean Bottle's square mode;l won't roll away post workout. Can we say perfect? (Photo)

Know what you're going to get your favorite athletes this holiday season? Sound off below!

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