Monday, 7 July 2014

Mens Spring 2015: Would You Date That?

As every fashion nerd knows, there's something undeniably attractive about a stylish guy. Okay, he doesn't need to know the difference between Brioni and Boglioli, but a man who can put together a solid outfit and has some level of trend awareness is a major turn on. However, for every coveted menswear trend that we're dying to see Bradley Cooper and Joseph Gordon Levitt try, there are a slew of fashion fads that are completely undateable. For your viewing pleasure, and a great way to review the latest menswear collections, let's play a little game called "Would You Date That," shall we? The ranking remains the same as always: 0= No way, 10= Here to stay.

Mono-Printed Suits: 3
Goodbye, traditional suit and tie-- spring is all about zesty, mono-prints. Though the type of print is up to the tastemaker, several collections have on thing in common: their mono-printed suits honor "in your face" patterns. Jeremy Scott's fast food craze continued at the Moschino men's show with soda pop themed suits. Equally bold, psychedelic color-blocking was all the rage at Alexander McQueen. On the other hand, Christopher Kane's mono-printed suits boasted subtle, yet undeniably futuristic, lines. And of course, florals ran rampant on the catwalk. Yohji Yamamoto smartly paired scarce florals with a baggy silhouette. Always the Euro romantic, Dolce & Gabbana's spring collection provided an alluring mixture of florals and ornate masonry. The Verdict: Whoever sports a mono-print suit is undeniably confident, but this trend ranks dangerously low on the scale. Matching separates is a surefire way for any fashionisto to effortlessly make a statement; however, this menswear trend screams trying too hard. And how annoying would it be if your beau's ensemble received more attention than yours did? So annoying. Unless the pattern in question is a small polka dot or seersucker, stay far away from he who wears mono-prints. (Moschino Look 1)
Stylish Stripes: 8
To be unapologetically blunt, the stripes phenomenon is nothing new. Everyone from sailors to Elvis circa "Jailhouse Rock" sported the classic lines. However, the nautical-friendly pattern has received an au courant  makeover. At Kolor, Junichi Abe presented head-to-toe stripes, yet the wide bands offered a modernist take on this staple.  Hedi Slimane's Saint Laurent boys epitomized California cool: their stripes were paired with tight leather pants, embellished jackets, and wide-brimmed hats. Layering was key at Dior Homme as primary-colored stripes are thrown between crisp oxford shirts and pinstriped suits. Stripes are even on trend for outerwear as Emporio Armani showed off some seriously major slickers. And let's not forget Topman Design's take on this fad: with a bold color palette and flared jeans, design director Gordon Richardson is clearly scheming up a seventies revival.  The Verdict: Provided this trend is styled realistically (read: no wide-brimmed hats), stripes are a must for men this spring. Though the phenomenon is undeniably preppy, the pattern is versatile enough to be worn by every man. A striped shirt seems like the obvious option; however, jackets and shorts are two fresh alternatives. Or have your man revitalize this trend with unpredictable hues. Either way, the striped shirt guy would definitely make it to a second date. (Dior Homme Look 8)
The Unconventional Hoodie: 6
Hoodies have always been a staple in mens' closets; however, gone are the days when neutral zip-up and pull-overs are the only acceptable way to wear this piece. This spring, look out zany colors, bold patterns, and even unpredictable fabrics. Balmain's menswear collection presented electric colors and geometric shapes, which were cooly styled with moto-inspired pants. No stranger to making a statement, James Long revitalized this piece with patches of color and loads of stripes. But no example of innovative hoodies is as unconventional as Umit Benan's collection. Nothing turns heads quite like perforated sheen. The spring shows even offered new ways to style the trusted hoodie. For exmaple, Gosha Rubchinskiy's models sported jean jackets over their zip-ups-- two trends in one look. Similarly, Ami mixed classic hoodies with bold striped coats. The Verdict: Cozy, versatile, and the ideal piece to snag from your beau, a hoodie is definitely dateable. But unless the fashionisto in question is experimenting with new textures and prints, this trend could steer in the way of basic and safe. A surefire way to bring this phenomenon to to the next level is by layering. Isn't there something sexy about a guy with a hoodie and leather jacket? (Balmain Look 15)
The Reinvented Bomber: 9
Look out, hoodie: there's another casual jacket that's getting a makeover. Though the bomber already screams effortlessly chic, the newest takes on this fad pushes the sartorial envelope just enough. Silky prints and subtle metallics cascaded down the runway at Dries Van Noten while Fendi's take on the bomber paid homage to the T-Birds with cool leather. While Brioni gave the classic silhouette a very sporty twist, Kris Van Assche spruced this piece up with sharp lapels and bold stripes. And then there was Marc Jacobs, who adorned his bomber jacket with an attention grabbing flamingo. The Verdict: Unless the man in question is sporting a flamingo-embellished jacket, which could either mean he has a great sense of humor or is already waving some major red flags, this trend is insanely dateable. And for all of you who have watched Grease a few too many times, this piece isn't strictly for goodie two-shoes. Your man can give this trend a much-needed edge with ripped jeans and ultra-cool aviators. (Dries Van Noten Look 32)
Daring Denim: 5
It seems as if we've been obsessed with denim-on-denim for many seasons, but this new take on the trend exceeds the traditional Canadian tuxedo. For example, Junya Watanabe's menswear collection boasted loads of patchwork denim while Sibling jazzed up the American fabric with jeweled applique. However, there were swarms of more traditional ways to rock denim. Christopher Bailey tucked a jean jacket underneath an equally relaxed blaze at Burberry Prorsum, and Miharayasuhiro played it safe with denim jacket and matching pants. Trussardi was inbetween the spectrum with a bold denim blazer and trousers. The Verdict: The datability of this trend rests on how it's styled. While a chambray and jeans is undeniably sexy, a man in embellished ensemble would most likely upstage your very own outfit. And we all know that's not the foundation for a lasting relationship. If your guy is looking to revitalize his denim, layering or a patchwork shirt is a healthy mix between the two. (Junya Watanabe Look 6)
Utilitarian Jumpsuits: 1
While this isn't one of the biggest trends for spring 2015, the utilitarian jumpsuit did have quite the impact. At Kenzo, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim's jumpsuit was reminiscent of a race car driver's uniform with some subtle color-blocking and sporadic patches of honor. The trend quickly took a show-stopping turn at Louis Vuitton with a jumpsuit that's covered in rivets and grommets.  3.1 Phillip Lim, on the other hand, opted for clean minimalism in a versatile neutral. The Verdict: As much as we all love Billy Joel's "Uptown Girl" music video, a potential beau who sports a jumpsuit as ready-to-wear is questionable on multiple levels. Occupation aside, save the onesies for young boys. (Kenzo Look 33)
What do you think about these trends? Are they dateable? Sound off below!
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