Thursday, 23 October 2014

In Memory: The 10 Best Oscar de la Renta Gowns

On Monday evening, the fashion world lost a top innovator. Though many could argue that at 82 years-old, and fighting a  battle with cancer, death is imminent. However, Oscar de la Renta's designs were so timeless, it  almost felt as if he was immortal.  But instead of mourning the loss of one of America's most talented designers, why don't we take a look back on de la Renta's sartorial career with fondness? As the unofficial king of eveningwear, it's only natural to take a look back at some of de la Renta's best gowns.

Fall 2010, Look 48: Not only is the beading and appliqué exceptional, this dress has instantaneous red carpet appeal and landed Cameron Diaz on several best dressed lists at the 2010 Academy Awards
Spring 2011, Look 59: Perfect for a modern-day Babe Paley, the print and silhouette of this gown are simply timeless. Plus, the tasseled earrings and ladylike shoes pay tribute to the designer's beautiful collection of accessories.
Spring 2012, Look 2: Classic de la Renta, this voluptuous skirt speaks to his frills-filled aesthetic while the lace bodice plays upon his Dominican roots. Does this number look familiar? Nicki Minaj wore this dress to the 2011 American Music Awards.
Spring 2013, Look 55: This gown looks like something you would see in Rear Window, but it doesn't feel outdated. Instead, this dress it's timeless.
Pre-Fall 2013, Look 56: Most fashionistas tend to avoid wearing yellow at all costs; however, this  gown makes the sunny hue almost impossible to resist. With silver embroidery and a modest neckline, this look is one of those outfits girls dreamed of wearing when playing princesses years ago.
Fall 2013, Look 46: Though the designer was never one to send something sultry, this embroidered dress offers a certain sex appeal that is rarely seen in his empire. But, true to de la Renta form, the thick embroidery makes this look far from scandalous.
Resort 2014, Look 25 : Leave to to Oscar to show us just how utterly glamourous a voluminous silhouette can be. After all, column dresses aren't the only way to make a splash on the red carpet.
Fall 2014, Look 41: While a typical de la Renta gown tends to glide down a red carpet or catwalk, this fringed number offers a youthful, spunkier take on his treasured pieces. Timeless, yet it's a look that dares you not to smile.
Resort 2015, Look 35: Though a floral gown from the acclaimed designer isn't anything we haven't seen before, the dramatic pink bow offers an unapologetic "wow" factor. 
Spring 2015, Look 46: For his very last collection, de la Renta played with bright hues, gingham, and floral dresses.  Though more subtle than his finale looks, this blue and silver number is effortlessly glamorous. Plus, only de la Renta knew how to make a usually kitschy hem sophisticated.

What are some of your favorite Oscar de la Renta moments? Sound off below.

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