Friday, 5 December 2014

2014 Trendologist Gift Guide: The Workaholic

There's an indescribable, yet completely recognizable, joy that arises whenever you witness a loved one opening a present that, after carefully researching and editing down a plethora of options, he or she is thrilled to received. If only you had the time to browse stores far as a the eye (or Google search) can see. Welcome to 2014, when buying the perfect present for a family member, beau or friend tends to be more sporadic than we'd like to admit. But as always, The Trendologist is here to help. This year's slew of gift guides offer ideal presents for some of the most hard to shop for individuals. By the holidays, you'll have presents for everyone on your list.

Whether pursuing finance or fashion, every group of friends has the token workaholic. You can sense him or her from a mile away: late nights at the office, working on weekends, constantly checking his or her work e-mail. It's hard to resent this friend: shouldn't everyone aspire to be that committed to their work? However, instead of splurging on a high-end cooking class that you know your career-crazy friend won't have time enjoy (you know, a major deadline), why not opt for something that will make your occupational servant's home away from home a little more glamorous? Check out these gifts that any workaholics should have underneath their Christmas tree.

Frends Taylor Headphones in Rose Gold ($196): No matter how much your workaholic loves to gossip around the water cooler, he or she probably values some quiet time when finalizing a report. Unfortunately, your workaholic's chatty cubicle mate makes silence very rare. Behold: the subtle way for any job fanatic to tell the whole department that he or she is not in the mood to talk about Kathy's relationship problems.  The sizable silhouette screams "leave me alone" without saying a word; however, the luxe metallic details will make that special someone the chicest office dweller.
Smythson 2015 Portobello Diary ($305): Constantly on-the-go or chained to the desk, staying organized is key for every workaholic. Otherwise, deadlines, meetings and appointments can slip through the cracks, which is the career obsessed's living nightmare. With a week-by- week layout featuring end notes, this agenda is perfect for mapping out long-term and short-term goals. Is a noir organizer too boring for your recipient? Luckily, Smythson's array of colors and embossed leathers makes the search for an exquisite diary drama-free. 
Match Feather Paperweight ($42): "I'm up to my ears in paperwork," your trusty career-crazed friend says after flaking on your dinner plans. Hyperbolic? Probably. Stressful? Absolutely. Soften the blow of too much work with an ultra-stylish paperweight. Next time this workaholic looks as his or her stack of paperwork, at least there will be a reason to smile!
Banjo & Matilda Oversized Cashmere Cardigan ($650): Anyone whose work day lasts longer than 9:00AM to 5:00PM knows that a cozy sweater on-site is a necessity. As any office slave's home away from home, staying warm and comfortable at all times is imperative. And does it get any better than 100 percent cashmere? Thanks to you, your favorite worker will be the most stylish and coziest person on the late night shift.
L'Objet Leopard Desk Accessories ($675 for Entire Set): Some people spend months debating and curating their home's interior deisgn, a place where they spend a fraction of their time; however, most of them do not think twice about their office space. Ironic, isn't it? This holiday season, lend a helping hand to your workaholic with some zesty desk accessories. While the funky pattern will immediately brighten up any cubicle, the neutral color palette keeps the leopard print office-appropriate.  After the holidays, your workaholic's cubicle mate will feel a little ashamed of his or her generic office supplies.
Valextra Business Card Holder ($350):  Whether you're content with your job or itching to give your two weeks notice, every workaholic knows that networking is always key. And nothing sounds unprofessional as "I know I have a business card in here somewhere" while digging through your bag or coat pockets. Do your loved ones a favor and give them a gift they didn't know how much they needed until they actually received it. Available in a slew zesty colors, the career connoisseur in your life will endlessly thank you for the gift that keeps on giving. 
UV Cell Phone Sanitizer and Universal Charger ($60): Identifying a workaholic in the millennium is hardly a challenge. Most talking points include industry jargon nobody outside of the office understands or start with your loved one saying, "So today at work."  And let's not forget how glued they are to their phone. Between furiously typing on their keyboard and the frequent business handshake, there is no way this occupational servant's phone is sanitary. It would be a stretch to say you'd be saving a life buy gifting your workaholic with this device; however, you will be making the world a cleaner place. 
Graf von Faber-Castell Guilloche Rollerball Pen ($275): One can only imagine the frustration, embarrassment and pang of heartache anyone feels when they receive a pen as a present. But with an air of undeniable sophistication, the Graf von Faber-Castell Guilloche Rollerball Pen is a clear exception. A far cry from any generic pen you'd find at your local convenience store, rest assured that your workaholic will most likely use this pen to sign all official, and extremely important, paperwork with this trusty aid. If your career addict also doubles as a pen snob, the Guilloche pen also comes in a fountain and propelling pencil tip. 

What are you going to get your favorite workaholic this season? Sound off below! 


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