Thursday, 11 June 2015

Trending: Celebrate Personal Style with Stylekick

Personal style is like falling in love. It's something so intimate and special to each of us, yet you also want to show it off to anyone and everyone. But when it comes to showing off your flared skirt or pair of mules, where can you find the right audience? Facebook and Instagram are powerful platforms; however, most of your followers are your extended family members and old high school friends who probably won't geek out over your new dainty watch. Starting a personal style blog is another option; however, you may not have a shutterbug friend to take street style photos of you at your beck and call. Luckily, we now have an alternative. Introducing Stylekick, the coolest way to celebrate personal style.

Think of Stylekick as a fashion-forward Instagram: you can post pictures, follow fellow trendsetters and like or comment their photos. Available to men and women, users have the power to swipe through their followers or peruse the app's thousands of style savants in a general pool of pictures. After a few swipes in StyleKick's database, don't be surprised to find yourself loving everything on your feed. The app's special alogorithim pays close attention to your feedback on each outfit and tailors your selection to looks that are similar to your previous likes. And thanks to one common interest, and the consistent monitoring of malicious comments, Stylekick offers a friendly and encouraging atmosphere for anyone with a passion for fashion.
"The creativity and breadth of representation of our users is what makes Stylekick unique," comments Natalie Gray and Karn Saroya, Stylekick's CMO and CEO, respectively. "The playing field for creators looking for distribution of their content is certainly more equitable on Stylekick than say Instagram--where if you don't have [thousands] of followers, you can quickly get drowned out."
Stylekick sprouts from a classic tale of fashion meets tech. Gray previously worked with Russell Simmon's fashion marketing group while Saroya got his start building body-scanners to help inform sizing decisions at MIT.

"When we first started working on Stylekick we were building body-scanners to help shoppers be better informed about sizing of online purchases," they said in a joint statement. "Eventually, we decided to move away from that, and started experimenting with products we could build to help shoppers ‘cut through the noise’ when it came to discovering the styles they would be most happy with. Our app tries to figure out which styles and items you’ll love best through your interactions on our products are the result of a lot of tinkering!"


 Yet Stylekick also solves another personal style dilmena: where to find that amazing fringed skirt, amongst other covetable pieces, you saw your favorite budding fashion in?  With an e-commerce platform, users are able to include shopable links to their outfit in their posts. But what if you wore your mom's flared jeans from the '70s in a post? Fashionistas (and fashionistos) can list alternate options that resemble their threads. If a style savant hasn't posted links to their ensemble, users can reach out to him or her directly.

Today marks a major victory for the Stylekick team for a few reasons.  Perhaps its not as obvious to the eye of the app-holder, but smarter and faster technology has seeped its way into Stylekick, which will learn your personal style quicker and more intimately. Additionally, the emergence of in-app notifications, which will alert you when your followers inquire about your posts, and the option to shop and compare items based on your taste makes Stylekick even more user-friendly.

 As one of the top fashion apps on the market, what's next for Stylekick?

"As a company we think that contextual shopping will win over grid-based e-commerce," say Gray and Saroya. "Any experience, whether it be video, editorial, our outfits in the context of other real people that gives a customer additional confidence in a potential purchase pushes forward the idea of 'contextual shopping' and deprecates traditional 'grid-based' shopping. We are incrementally testing broader lifestyle content (interior design, D.I.Y., beauty, home, etc.) with the view that context matters, and are seeing great results as an early indication."
Stylekick, available for free on Apple and Android App Stores.


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