Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Fall 2015 Trend: Victor, Victorian

You can just sense it: the nippy cold weather, the crunchy leaves underneath your feet and the lingering aroma of pumpkin spice lattes. Yes, it's fall. And while a new, chillier season may mean strictly whipping out the cozy sweaters for some, the dawn of autumn means something different for fashion's flock. Consider it the sartorial new year: out with the old trends and in with the new. To break down the hottest trends of the season, welcome to The Trendologist's fall guide. Each week, a new trend will be highlighted with shop-able must-haves. 

Back in high school, she who donned all black and dramatic lipstick was known as "that weird emo outcast." In 2015? Thanks to several top designers -- and a sleek, Victorian twist -- your standard gothic girl has gotten a very chic makeover. She was everywhere on the fall runways. At Marc Jacobs, ominous hues were swapped out for warmer colors. But don't think this was a full departure from brooding style: the full skirts, nipped coats and vampy lip provided a sunny way for this trend to shine. Insider favorite Joseph Altuzarra brought this trend to the 21st century by juxtaposing sheer, high-necked lace tops with up-to-there slits, knee-high laced boots and loads of sequins. Looking for something more traditional? Turn to Ricardo Tisci's collection at Givenchy, where models cascaded down the runway in vampy velvets, brocades and faces adorned with gloomy jewels. The result? A juxtaposition between dark, ladylike chic and punk. Equally classic -- but with an undeniably softer, feminine touch -- was Alberta Ferretti's iteration of the trend: some looks were prim with fitted layers and other ethereal with touches of delicate lace and Elizabethan-worthy collars.With romantic ruching and sugar-coated shades, Alexander McQueen's variation of this trend blends salacious Victorian lady in waiting with the likes of an eery doll. Whether modern or traditional, but never too literal, there's an option for everyone on the sartorial spectrum.

Marc Jacobs, Look 43
Altuzarra, Look 4
Givenchy, Look 9
Alberta Ferretti, Look 48
Alexander McQueen, Look 27
1. Alex Monroe 2. Givenchy 3. Dorothy Perkins 4. Gianvito Rossi 5. Marc Jacobs 6. Alexander McQueen
It doesn't take a brain surgeon to realize that with one false (sartorial) move, this trend can veer into costumey territory. But with three factors in mind -- fit, material and color palette -- you can easily keep your outfit's Victorian inspiration forward-thinking. Instead of reaching for your closest body-con dress or baggy garb opt for a happy medium: ideal Victorian-inspired apparel should fit snug at the waist and a tad voluminous elsewhere. If you're looking for some reference, think back to Kirsten Dunst in Marie Antoinette as a loose inspiration -- but preferably without the heightened hair and corset.  Translation: shop for tailored coats and fitted, full-skirted dresses. While it's easy to think that the only way to go Victorian this fall is by investing in tons of black apparel, select a few pieces in other subtle neutral colors. For example, a maroon or navy dress is a great alternative to a creepy long-sleeved noir dress. Lastly, to give your trendy items a sophisticated twist with tactile fabrics. Forget polyester: wools, silks and lace will have your threads looking ultra-feminine and polished. But what about those mid-century-esque accessories? Use them sparingly and with modern pieces. Just like in Altuzarra's collection, a pair of lace-up booties will look super sexy with a high-slit skirt and a dainty cameo necklace can be styled with a cozy sweater for a fall-friendly ensemble.

Will you participate in this trend? Sound off below! 
Runway images courtesy of VogueRunway.com

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