Friday, 12 February 2016

A Fashion Girl's Guide to Dressing for Valentine's Day

Once upon a time, sometime when you were in elementary school, Valentine's Day used to include distributing kitschy cards to everyone in your class and overloading on pink and red garb. If you were really lucky, Sweetheart candies were thrown into the mix. Now, it's a little different. The only person you receive a Valentine from is your mother, significant other or bitter single best friend. And unless you're starring in a Hallmark Channel movie, you wouldn't be caught dead wearing those standard hues on the big day. But rest assured, dear reader: there is a way to look festive and deniably fashion-forward. Regardless of your relationship status, check out these pieces that will up the ante of your Valentine's Day ensemble.

Event #1 : Sexy Date Night

Although a romantic dinner wtih your partner may sound cliché, consider February 14 the perfect excuse to go to that swanky restaurant you've been dying to try. But just because your plans veer towards basic territory doesn't mean your outfit needs to. Stay far away from that crimson bodycon dress and update your date night look with an airy silhouette that still shows just the right amount of skin. This lace-trimmed pick from Vetements teeters between edgy and romantic, plus your partner is going to love that plunging neckline. A strappy sandal would be a perfect addition, but let's not forget it's February. And in February -- especially this weekend for those Northeasterners -- it's going to be epcially cold. So, as a pretty great plan B, opt for a pair of thigh-high boots and a duster coat: the mix of clashing lengths will add an extra oomph to this outfit. A funky crossbody -- like this one from Rochas -- and a sweep of a smokey eye will have your beau totally smitten.

Vetements Dress, $1,215,

Rochas Bag, $879.50,

Gianvito Rossi Over-the-Knee Boots, $1,675,
Takashi Duster Coat, $330,
Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette, $54,

Event #2: Single Ladies Dinner

Who needs a man when you have your squad of fabulous single ladies? Exactly. A girl's night out is the perfect way to stop sulking about that Tinder date gone so, so wrong, not to mention you can wear exactly what you what without fearing that a guy won't find your crazy clothes sexy. So why not completely push the envelope almost to the point of no return? Who knows -- you may very well be in a relationship next year and your risky threads will not fly. COS's silky jumpsuit screams "independent woman" (without looking too flashy) and will look great with a pair of ladylike pumps. Sure, a onesies and BB pumps are fun, but why don't you really make a statement with a fun (faux) fur coat? A neutral pick is always classic, but a colorful one from British brand Shrimps is cheeky enough for your ladies' night. In order to tie in the classic with the zany, opt for a neutral-hued clutch that's a little bit of both (just like this one from Charlotte Olympia) On the beauty front, add a red lip: it'll give your ensemble a subtly festive kick and, since you're most likley in a smooch-free zone, you won't have to worry about getting it all over your dinner guests.

Silk Jumpsuit, on sale for $90,
Manolo Blahnik Suede BB Pumps, $595,

Kylie Coat, approximately $826,
Charlottle Olympia Clutch, $1,165,

Matte Revolution Lipstick in 'Walk of Shame,' $32,

Event #3: Cozy Night in with Your Beau

Hitting up the hottest restaurants and bars is tempting; however, there's nothing quite like "Netflix and chilling" with your significant other. But let's not forget that it's still Valentine's Day, which means that styling an outfit from your expansive collection of sweats is a no-go. The key to sporting an ensemble that's casual enough for your man (but fashion-forward enough for you) is adding jeans. Paired with culottes, this subtle tie-neck blouse from Mango  (which is a light enough shade of pink to look style saavy than festive) would is man-averse. But with a pair of relaxed boyfriend jeans? It's cool, unassuming and definitely boy toy-approved. And these vintage Levi's are especially great because they offer that "borrowed from the boys" flair without adding an imaginary bulk to your frame. Since you'll most likely be strolling around in a pair of socks -- or even barefoot -- be sure to accessorize with a few stacked rings to keep this look fashion girl-friendly. And let's not forget that it's Valentine's Day. If you're hanging around the house with your partner, a seductive pair of bra and panties is a necessity. This mesh set from Cosabella is the cool girl's take on lacy lingerie, plus it will slip nicely under your ensemble.
Tie-Neck Blouse, on sale for $29.99,
Vintage Levi Boyfriend Jeans, $150,
Mignon Memory Ring, $48 each,

Cosabella Soire Mesh Underwired Bra, $65 (matching briefs for $25),

Event #4: Cozy Night in with Yourself

Regardless of your relationship status, we can all agree that Valentine's Day tends to pack on unnecessary pressure. Some people love it, others hate it. If you find yourself rolling your eyes with each bouquet of roses you see on February 14, it wouldn't be that shocking if your plans were chilling in your jammies and catching up on The People v. OJ Simpson. Because, after all, your priorities are clearly in check. Instead of throwing on your ratty college sweats, try your luck with some luxe loungewear. Trust us, you'll need something to enjoy when you're scrolling through dozens of nauseatingly romantic Instagrams. Between the ladylike pattern and silk-satin blend, this pair of jammies from Olivia von Halle has glamour written all over it. Sticker shock aside, be honest: you've been longing for a pretty pair of hostess pajamas. Paired with some slick metallic slippers? Sartorial bliss.  Hiding from the sappiness parade that is Valentine's Day doesn't require fancy gems or a killer purse, but you may find it useful to invest in some beauty extras. This Origins charcoal mask enchances your complexion, plus it's the perfect sidekick for some much-needed "me time." And, when you're ready to hit the hay, a silky eye mask will ensure you end Valentine's Day in style.

Olivia von Halle Silk-Satin Pajamas, $525,
Patricia Green Coco Slippers, $109.95,

Origins Clear Improvements Active Charcoal Mask, $25,

Slip Silk Eye Mask, $40,

What will you be wearing on Valentine's Day? Sound off below.

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