Thursday, 1 April 2010

Out With the Old, In With the New...

I lost my blogging virginity to "Peace, Love, Couture", which can be viewed at Like the movie, this affair was also something to remember: forty-two blog posts about runways, red carpets, and generally all things fabulous. Unfortunately, my first blog and I had to part for irreconcilable differences: my blogging site was holding me back from expanding my audience and creating the best blog I possibly could. Consequently, I have moved to "blogger" and "Miss Chic" was born. In my mind, "Miss Chic's Guide to All Things Fabulous", we shall just call it "Miss Chic's", exemplifies a solidified blog: I was never content was the title or layout of "Peace,Love, Couture", it all seemed too redundant and not personal. But with this blog, I am content and have created a new persona: behold Miss Chic herself. As much as I'd love to be a fashion big shot like Anna Wintour or Kelly Cutrone, I am not. I suppose I am a fashion "guru" in comparison to others, but I am still learning what my personal style is and finding the tools to becoming a true fashionista. Anyone can be a Miss Chic, in my mind. It is not a matter of sitting front row at Fashion Week, it is the drive, interest, and confidence to enrich your fashion "skills". Fashion is my passion and obsession, but I'm still learning about it and using my blog as a way to express myself. I promise to make it fun and exciting, not some unimodal piece of junk. I hope that my readers, aka you, will enjoy what I have to say and learn a thing or two about fashion. What I'm trying to say is WELCOME TO MY BLOG; let's strap on our favorite heels and become the best fashionistas we can be!

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