Wednesday, 7 April 2010

I Love the 90's?

I like to think of myself as a positive person, therefore, I don't love writing negative blog posts. But there are some things I simply can't stand for. Let's run through my day, shall we? Even though the weather was absolutely horrific, I still wanted to go jogging. Usually, I wear a baggy T-Shirt and nylon soccer shorts (they move so well). But it was so hot today, I unfortunately had to wear two sports bras and my shorts (sorry for the TMI). But I tend to not "shake what my mama gave me", so I pulled up my shorts to hide navel. So I'm on the walking portion of my regime and my shadow looked EXACTLY like a crazy 1990's fashionista. And then it hit me: Beverly Hills 90210 fashion. The 90's provided great television shows on Nickelodeon, and I do love my old school and new school 90210, but some terrible fashion. I think what bothers me the most is that there was absolutely no rule. It's quite hypocritical of me because I do believe fashion shouldn't have an extent. Anybody has the right to wear anything, but there are some things that are deemed "trashy" or "trendy". NOTHING WAS TRASHY AND EVERYTHING WAS TRENDY! Baring navels was not sluttish, it was hip. And so was wearing feminists blazers with obnoxious shoulder pads...and baby dolls dress...and tacky Hawaii print (Luke Perry, I'm coming after you in the selected picture)... and baby doll dresses...and overalls... and baggy pants...and tight pants....WHAT IS THIS?! The only appropriate way to define 1990's fashion: too much of everything. Take 90210, for example: the farther they got into the series, the more ridiculous the outfits got! Like Donna Martin. First of all, she's my absolute favorite: I just love her ALWAYS. But her sense of style circa season six went so downhill. But at the same time, it didn't because THAT'S THE 90'S FOR YOU!! It's a love-hate relationship, essentially. I don't really know how to end a rant yeah...other decades are better...


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