Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Laced to Perfection

As an aspiring fashionista, I am always on the prowl for good fashion taste everywhere: on the streets, in school, and in magazines. So I was extremely happy to find this spectacular number on www.teenvogue.com. I really wanted to see the movie Remember Me but not for the reason everyone else wanted to: Rob Pattinson. Personally, I'm more of a Taylor Lautner kind of girl. The plot seemed interesting but, besides good 'ol Rob, I had no idea who was in the movie. Apparently Emilie de Ravin is. And apparently, she dressed quite well to the London premiere of her movie. I've always been a big fan of lace: it can be feminine, sexy, old school glamour, or all of the above! But it can also be something else: old lady. Some people can pull of the lace quite beautifully, but others fail and look like a reject from Grandma's closet. But Emilie did it perfectly; the short dress, bowed waist, and some lace on skin action made her look like a feminine sexy vixen from Old Hollywood. To put it bluntly, I loved it. I sometimes think that people are afraid to wear lace, in fear that they'll look too matronly. Quite frankly, you can wear lace anytime: a mini, a sexy dress, a sweater with lace detailing, or even your lingerie! And in terms of the color: I thought it was genius. In my personal opinion, lace can only be worn as outter wear in either dark or nude colors. NO NEON LACE. I also think that people instantly associate black to being "emo". I wear black all of the time and I consider myself a rather happy person! Emilie de Ravin looked chic and sexy in black. In conclusion, a major fashion do in my book! This outfit doesn't have to beg to be remembered, it'll never be forgotten!


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  1. **** except my neon green lace underwear. i know you meant to include that as a postscript. i'm just helpin a sister out, u knoe? lolz. <333