Wednesday, 14 April 2010

The Royal Life

It may sound morbid, but I remember exactly where I was when I heard about Princess Diana's crash accident (may she rest in the most glorified peace): at only age five, my eyes were glued to the television screen really late at night when the news broke out. My mom let my sister and I stay up super late as we kept our thoughts and prayers on her and her fiance. Twelve years later, I still remember that vividly. When I was eight, I did a book report on Princess Diana, which ultimately taught me that brave and courageous princesses were not only found in Disney movies. A few years ago, I watched that Lifetime movie about the apparent conspiracy with my mom (I thought the ending was a little unsatisfying). Now that I'm older, I have taken an interest into her style. And quite frankly, she dressed like a chic princess! No wonder why some of her dresses are being auctioned off at Kerry Taylor Auctions on June 8th. I should make it clear right now that her wedding gown is NOT being sold, but an ivory paper taffeta gown used by Diana for fitting is for around three thousand change (pocket change)! But let's be honest, her wedding dress is probably one of the most iconic and beautiful wedding dresses in the history of wedding dresses. The train, the delicacy, ANY bridezilla would love to have it! And the black taffeta Emanuel dressed prove that black isn't just for mourning (I seem to defend black a lot, don't I?). Her suits were always in beautiful colors and classy. In some ways, Princess Diana's style reminds me a lot of my girl Audrey (Audrey Hepburn, that is): both don't need overbearing accessories to look fabulous but they can still pull of the chicest ensemble. Although I do hate the minimalist look, I think there is a limit on what is too much. And these ladies, Diana and Audrey, know it!


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