Saturday, 17 April 2010

The Power of Red

First of all, I'm really sorry this blog is all over the place! I feel really guilty for not blogging in a while and am going off on a tangent, so bear with me! I just came back from college-ing and fell even more in love with the university I'll be attending come fall.I stocked up on my school apparel, and obviously red was one of the colors. I've always thought that red was such a great color: it was flattering, powerful,sexy, glamorous. Just like Christian Louboutin soles. I discussed the Louboutin/collaboration in my former blog, but I have never exactly analyzed how amazing Christian Louboutin is in my blog: he is honestly a genius.He knows exactly what a woman wants: comfort, appeal, and recognition. And his shoes do just that. I hope to have a whole closet of Louboutin heels when I grow up; I have already started my collection (a chartreuse leather wedge: they are comfortable and make my legs look great)! I love how he can create fun and sexy shoes in different heights and silhouettes. Of course we all love our stilettos, but there's only so much of it we can take! I've always found his inspiration so interesting: showgirls. As classy as we all love to say we are, I just know that everyone secretly wishes they danced in sequins and sparkles. But Louboutin can make shoes that are classy and fun at the same time! And the red sole was genius. It was unprecedented but the smartest thing. Women love feeling empowered as they strut down the street, with their red sole peeking out during each step. And it furthers Louboutin's brand! You know how people brought back the "Volkswagen punches", I think there should be "Louboutin punches" whenever somebody spots the red sole! Good plan? Whenever people think of high fashion heels, I feel like Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik (thank you, Carrie Bradshaw) are the first brands to come to mind. But I really feel like, no offense to the other two (you have my complete love and admiration as well), Christian Louboutin is where it's at. I think we all need to start paying attention to him, his shoes, and the iconic red sole!


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