Sunday, 18 April 2010

Some Extra Flare

Whenever I think of flared pants, I can only think of 1960- 1970 hippies: strikes for peace, Woodstock, flowy dresses, and everything in between. But lately, flares have been making a come back, and I am personally loving it! The fashion of our past honestly had some of the greatest trends and pieces out there. But being the indecisive girl that I am, I can never be inspired by just one time period. This hippie period, as I like to call it, is extremely fascinating: I just love the relaxed atmosphere that is further portrayed in the fashion. When I first heard about this emerging trend, I had some reservations. Although flared pants sounds like a good idea in theory, it isn't a universally flattering, or loved for that matter, trend. But the revival of the pant allows a variety of fashionistas to wear it! Chloe rocks the very loose flared trouser,Pucci has a very embellished pant, Rochas (pictured) uses cool leathers, Issey Miyake created a capri flared pant (intriguing, right?), and Derek Lam has a fitted version of the trend. Needless to say, I really like this trend. Even if someone is not influenced by the hippie era, this pant has its pros. You can essentially go flared and embody any persona,not just the peace loving chic from way back when. And now I really want some flared excursion? Yes.


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