Monday, 19 April 2010

Model Behavior

While flipping through today's newspapers, something caught my eye on the cover of The Journal News. Obviously, it was something about fashion. I then continued to learn about an emerging trend that I am extremely excited about: models that depict a real woman! For countless years and runway shows, we have been bored with the same rail thin models strutting down the runway. I personally wonder how they are able to walk under hot lights, in super high heels, without collapsing. We deem them as "chic", but what's so "chic" about looking hungry all of the time? I have absolutely no upper body, but I am almost confident that I could snap any of those models! All I need to say is THANK GOD the fashion world is starting to incorporate REAL women into their shows and campaigns. Although I have moments of teenage self-consciousness, I am fairly comfortable with my body. But to be brutally honest, fashion magazines can occasionally make me feel like I need to be a double 0. And I'm sure I'm not alone. The fact of the matter is, not all fashionistas are thin as angel hair spaghetti (not like they would eat it...). I think chic is NOT synonymous with skinny: I think it is having a good eye for fashion and confidence, regardless of weight. In the fashion house's most recent runway show, Louis Vuitton had healthy models, resembling Scarlet Johansson! It was so refreshing to see women the rest of the world can relate to! To me, it says that you can eat that slice of cake and look fabulous! So instead of stressing about being a model, just enjoy everything, even those oreos in your pantry!


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