Wednesday, 21 April 2010


I AM SO EXCITED FOR SUMMER!! The weather is so amazing, I've resumed my jogging regime, and I'm pulling out my warm- weathered clothes. But, this also means that I need to go on a SUPREME shopping excursion! Of course I need more skirts, shorts, dresses, and everything! BUT I would like to purchase two new items: jellies and floppy hats. I remember back in my youth, I used to wear jellies. Of course, they were ugly and resembled Tevas (don't even get me STARTED about Tevas). But instead of those ugly things, I want a really cute pair of jellies, preferably flats. I really reeeaaaalllllyyy LOVE the Stuart Weitzman "Pellets" Jelly Ballet Flat (pictured, I loved the pink)! I think these are just so springy, cute, really Charlotte York, and just so precious!! AND I WANT A FLOPPY HAT! I don't know what kind of floppy hat I want, but I definitely want it. I can just picture it: on a beach (probably the town pool) in a string bikini, my huge Dior sunglasses, and A BIG FLOPPY HAT?! I mean, Samantha had so many hat tricks and movements in Sex and the City: The Movie. There's just such a mysterious vibe that coincides with a big floppy hat, Who is that girl? Why is her hat so big? I WANT THAT. I tried some hats on when I went shopping with my mom at Bloomingdales today, and I didn't love any of them. So I shall begin a floppy hat search, updates later! The next step, bathing suit shopping!!


Stuart Weitzman "Pellets" Jelly Ballet Flats

PRICE: $140.00

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