Thursday, 13 May 2010

Aaaaaaaannnnnd Cut.

Although I occasionally like the technology boom, the nostalgic in me gets upset with the way things used to be before Facebook, iTunes, and DVD players. Things were so simple and so carefree. Unfortunately, the fashion world is taking a turn for the technological advanced. Now, look books have turned into video clips. While I find the artistic collaboration of film and fashion quite interesting, I personally don't like it as a look book. I personally find a look book's prime purpose is to show off a designer's collection. I think that these films are a great way to advertise a film director and collection, but this SHOULDN'T be the first "how-do-you-do"!! Yes, it tells a story buuut the story contains 60% of scenic or up close and personal shots, as seen in Dace Fall Winter 2010. I mean I liked the very Tim Burton feminine eerie vibe I got from "Spell"... I don't know, this just isn't my thing. I love creativity but, call me old-fashioned, I think a look book should remain true to it's roots. But then again...maybe I need to start seeing things through a more artistic lens. Or maybe they should be more like Dace Spring Summer 2010: artistic and pragmatic. I guess it's not so much of me disliking them, it's more of me having mixed opinions. But that's the thing about fashion: it is a heterogenous blend of emotions and feelings.


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