Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Chanel Resort.

In regards to change in my daily life, I am absolutely not a fan. I tend to be a very nostalgic person, constantly craving the "good 'ol days". But to my surprise, I was actually content with Chanel's 2011 Resort Show. Whenever I, and I'm sure many other aspiring fashionistas, think of Chanel, a very set image comes to mind: tiny jackets, tweed, some lace, pearls, and a lot of Chanel necklaces. This show, however, was NOTHING like that! Well...maybe I over exaggerated when saying NOTHING, but really- it was so different!! There was such a Boho chic vibe from this runway: bright colors, paisley, loose fitting gear...WHAT IS THIS?! When thinking about Chanel's resort show, I kind of thought that it would be a kind of edgy nautical look throughout the show. This is NOT the Fashion House created by the one and only it? But oddly enough, I did really like it: I'm a very indecisive person and what could be better than a slightly indecisive line? I don't think it was a cohesive collection (shear paisley shirts and plaid pink dresses don't seem to be uberly unified), but, and this is where it gets odd, I think it represented a woman's closet. A real person wouldn't have clothes filled with the same pattern, piping, and material (unless you're Arnold from "Hey Arnold"...completely different situation)! What I liked most about this collection was that not everything in here looked Chanel. Sure there were a good amount of tweed jackets, but the simplicity of the white belted outfits shouted a different designer's name, I was thinking maybe Calvin Klein or Donna Karan? Without trying to sound too cliche, I easily wanted everything in this collection. Ever since I saw the movie Nine, I've been infatuated with the whole psychedelic/mod look, thanks to Kate Hudon's "Cinema Italiano" and am ultimately trying to, slowly but surely, infuse that into my own look. As I finished looking through the collection, I learned that change can actually good; I was really glad that Chanel broke away from its prim and proper reputation and lived life on the psychedelic side!


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