Sunday, 9 May 2010

My Mommy :)

As probably everyone knows, today is Mother's Day. I hope that everybody spends a wonderful day honoring one of the most important people in their lives: their mother. While my plans are not set in stone with my own, I hope that we go shopping. That sounds really selfish on my part, but shopping is one of the many reasons my mom and I are so close. Before she had me and my sister (the picture is of me, my mother, and Stephanie back in our glamourous youth), my mom was quite the fashionista! She worked at Macy's in New York City as a personal shopper. My mom also helped style movies; in my youth, I'd always brag about how my mom saw Robert DiNero in his undies...but what's to brag about that? Even though she is a wee bit older, her style and influence on me is timeless. We always go shopping together. And when we do, we form a power team: this mother-daughter duo can find good sales and good clothes. Although my style is on its way to becoming edgier and hers will always remain classic, our taste level still has so much in common. This blog is really doing her no justice: she's honestly the best and I really couldn't ask for a better mother, or shopping partner.


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