Thursday, 6 May 2010

The Cocoon.

Chanel is without a doubt one of the greatest fashion houses of our time. Although it's rare, even the chicest people can commit a fashion crime. And Chanel did it with this bag from the Cocoon Collection. This collection contains a bunch of "sleek" handbags that are also reservable, ultimately sticking to Coco's original theory of interior and exterior luxury. What is so luxurious about this? Once upon a time, when I was obsessed with materialistic and unflattering Lacoste polos, I had a UGG bag that looked a little too much like this. I loved it back then because I thought it matched my UGG boots well...a little too well. I finally let go of that bag because, let's face it, it was ugly. I don't care if this has the Chanel logo, this is is NOT chic and NOT pretty. Personally, I feel like this is just some kind of scheme to get money, no offense Chanel. I don't care if Chanel deems this chic, I am not falling for it! If Chanel jumped off a bridge, would you? Stupid question...because we ALL would. But not for this bag!


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