Thursday, 1 September 2011

Back to Reality: Let's Chat About the VMAS

Both power and sanity is restored to my life and I could not be happier. So obviously, I have to blog about the VMAS. What a night! First of all,  love Beyonce and am so excited she's pregnant. I couldn't imagine a better way for her to reveal her belly! So fierce! Adele is amazing, as always. And Bruno Mars...can't get enough of him.

Okay, now onto the clothes. There were some great looks and some horrible looks, naturally.


  • Katy Perry (the whole awards show): I've come to the startling conclusion that Katy Perry is too old to be wearing stuff like this. I just hate her outfits. Lady Gaga? Sure, dress up like a man. Nicki Minaj? Let your freak flag fly. But Katy Perry? Not allowed. I think what bothers me is that her music is too poppy and she's not really an interesting person, besides being married to Russell Brand and all. I just don't think she can pull it off, she acts like she's wearing a costume, not like this is who she really is. Just be who you are Katy Perry; I don't think that means a freak with a cube of cheese as a hat. Too mean? Whoops.
  • Katie Holmes (Alaia): I hate these boots and this dress together. It's too random, and not even in a chic-off-beat way. It looks as if she's trying to be a big ball of youth and dress funky. You're not fooling me, Katie. Otherwise, she looks great. Clearly, I'm having an issue with being age appropriate. 
  • Kreayshawn (I don't even want to know): Who are you?  Regardless, this is such a trashy look. Jeez, why can't people just look classy and glam? That's the real secret to world peace, obviously.
  • Drake Bell (Nobody knows what designer): The problem with this look really comes down to that hat. Two words: Fisherman McGee. That's all. 
  • Holland Roden (Jennifer Saltzman): I wore a white top and black bottom...when I was in my middle school chorus class. This is too basic! If you want a black and white combination, fine but please try a white bottom and a black top. Mix it up! And I find the dress to be very unflattering around the midsection. Her red lips kind of freak me out too. I don't know why.
  • Justin Bieber (A bunch of ugly): I've always been rather apathetic towards Baby Bieber, but now I think I've made my decision: he needs to leave everyone alone. I can just tell he's trying to look "cool" and "effortless" with this outfit, but he looks like a loser-tool. WHY would you ever combine old man glasses, ghetto chains that aren't even long enough to have some real swag, a Yves Saint Laurent pin (a left-fielder), red pants, and cheetah shoes? You look dumb. Seriously, the blazer, shirt, and pants would've been FINE.
  • Beyonce (Lanvin): Obsessed. She looks actually perfect and so glamourous. Beyonce is one of the very few who can actually rock orange. The silhouette was mature but the asymmetrical shoulder kept it spicy. Also, I love how she paired the blue diamond with the orange dress. And her hair and makeup looks amazing. And the baby. It's just so so good.
  • Kelly Rowland (Falguni and Shane Peacock): This is beautiful and totally event-appropriate. The black and gold combination is a personal favorite so it definitely shows her chic side; however, the feathers and deep V keep it funky and fresh. Her down-do gives this look a really relaxed vibe, and I'm glad she didn't try to out-do herself with the shoes, jewels, and bag. This is an "art" look, if you will.
  • Adele (Burberry): She's so cute! I love her huge hair and I'm glad she kept the look overall simple: Adele is a pop diva, but she doesn't need all of the bells and whistles (or cheese cube hats, thankfully). Her dress has some pizazz by the neckline, but she kept it classy. I just love her,
  • Selena Gomez (Julien MacDonald): Leave it to Selena to rock a potentially intimidating dominatrix outfit. Mullet hemlines are perfect for fun-loving youngsters, like Selena, so this was definitely age appropriate. I love the gold accents and that keyhole neckline gave this look the perfect amount of sex appeal with her shaking her goodies. The sleek hair kept this look refined but the pink  makeup kept it cool. Obsessed.
  • Zoe Saldana (Barbara Bui): About 90% of the time, I love Zoe Saldana's outfits and this is definitely a homerun (sports). That dress is effortless but fierce at the same time. I can't get enough of those Barbara Bui heels: mixing a print with this beaded dress is so unexpected, yet right. A major style DO. The updo gives this look more of a refined vibe, though I would've loved to see a sleek ponytail with this I don't know why she looks like she's in excruciating pain, though.
  • Neyo (If you have any idea, please tell me): I love love LOVE how this guy takes risks. I mean, what other guy wears an indigo velvet blazer? If you're trying to pick up ladies, gentle-fellows, don't wear this. But for performing? I'm obsessed. Pairing it with jeans and a crisp white shit gives a nonchalant impression. "Wearing an indigo velvet blazer, what's the big deals?" SO GOOD.
Sorry this took forever: life's busy when you're trying to pack for school AND you lose power. 


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