Monday, 12 September 2011

Fall, Here We Come!

Style-wise, fall is my all time favorite season: it's perfect for layering and creating fabulous looks without being frozen to death. Before I left to go back to school, I made my lovely mother (thanks ,Mom) take some pictures of my favorite finds for this upcoming season. Enjoy! 
The white turtle neck keeps this outfit polished.

I'm obsessed with this equestrian look. Pairing a bunch of different colors in the same shade or "color family"  is such a style DO for fall.
This hat is a life- changer. I love the color combination so much. Color blocking idea, anyone?

Fall is perfect for playing around with fabrics, as seen above. I love the softness of the sweater compared to the hardcore leather. The leather boots act as a neutralizer in this look. For a "wow" factor, add a bright lip!

I have a really sick love affair with these Rag&Bone shorts. They had me at hello.

I love this ruffled neck because it's both ladylike and versatile. If you don't want to look like a mean librarian, add some funk: a vest, awesome statement jewels, or even a leather mini.
This ornate bracelet is a great match to the blouse. Consequently, it makes the jean vest more ironic/funky/chic.


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