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Runway Report: Pre-Fall 2012

You'll never believe it, but I can be pretty busy sometimes. Between the Twelve Days of Trendy-  that was a blast- and my British holiday, I've barely had any time to blog. But don't worry, I know you were really worried, I'm here and ready to keep you updated. First up: Pre Fall 2012. Although I sometimes find this series of runway shows to be a little superfluous since Fall 2012 is so soon, there are so many collections that I was obsessed with. I don't know how long this recap will be, Pre-Fall 2012 was that great,  so I apologize in advance.

Oscar de la Renta
In my mind, Oscar de la Renta can literally do know wrong. From his ladylike day wear to his show-stopping evening gowns , this collection is so feminine and chic. The vast array of colors throughout this collection is absolutely stunning. Though some silhouettes are very similar, the different colors make each look special. I also love how de la Renta always incorporates jewels into each look. Each collection doesn't just showcase some new clothes; instead, Oscar de la Renta offers a mature and glamourous lifestyle through his collection.   (Photo Cred)
This might have been my favorite collection of the whole preseason. I'm serious when I say that I loved every single look. From the oversized trousers to fun party dresses, every look is youthful and  fashion-forward. Throughout the collection, there's a mix of a feminine flare and versatility. To make the collection a little more edgy, the sassy berets and red lips are the perfect finishing touches. What made this collection so fabulous, at least for me, is Stacey Bendet's use of different colors, textures, and silhouettes. Since every look is truly unique, the collection feels more like a sneak-peak into a super glam girl's closet.  And can we talk about that finale?  The jeweled bodice plus the flowing silhouette equals perfection.  (Photo Cred)

Diane von Furstenberg 
In my mind, this collection is the perfect juxtaposition between Jackie O's style and a rocker chick in London during the 1960's. That subtle struggle between good versus evil truly made me love this collection. Honestly, if this collection was purely one or the other, I wouldn't have liked it as much; however, this conflict makes it  something special. (Photo Cred)
Zero & Maria Cornejo
Not only does this color experiment with different prints and  textures, but the execution of these pieces are awesome. Many of the pieces serve as a blank canvas to me,  therefore they are extremely versatile. The silhouettes are rather primitive; however,  each ensemble is executed magnificently. Execution is more important than innovation in my mind.   (Photo Cred)

I'm usually not a fan of sports-inspired collections; however, I'm such a Rag & Bone fan. Unlike most sports-inspired collections, this collection is promising because of its versatile pieces. The cozy sweater, for example, would look awesome with skinny jeans, a maxi skirt, or even a bodycon skirt and chunky tights.The red leather skirt would also look fabulous with a chunky sweater or a slim-fitted shirt. I always need options and Rag&Bone gives me options!  (Photo Cred)
Temperley London
I love this Temperley London collection because it's like feminine overload.  From the narrow silhouettes to the use of sequins and brocade-inspired pieces, this collection did not disappoint. I feel as if femininity is now a fashion taboo: we're now encouraged to dress androgynously, which I don't love. However , this collection shows us that we should be unapologetically feminine.   (Photo Cred)
Thakoon Addition
This collection is so cool because a lot of the pieces are quite weird. For example, the initially awkward silhouettes are definitely an acquired taste; however, they evolve into very chic and versatile pieces. Additionally all of the prints are borderline abrasive, but I kind of like it. However, I like my fashion like I like my people: weird. I love collections with stories and oddities. But that's what fashion should do: it should make you think. As a whole, the collection is definitely off-beat, youthful, and thought-provoking.   (Photo Cred)
3.1 Phillip Lim
I like this collection because it covers two different sides of the spectrum. The straight silhouettes and impeccable execution gives this look a very serious vibe. On the other hand, the funky comic tops prove that fashion is supposed to be fun. I love juxtaposition and some comedy in fashion.  Best of both worlds, right?  (Photo Cred)
Theyskens' Theory 
Reminiscent of his past, this collection depicts another  Olivier Theyskens designing peak. This collection strays away from clean-cut casual attire and explores a more gothic side of Theory. I love the long hemlines, quirky patterns, and layers overload. Also, there's something quite grungy going on here, and I like it.  (Photo Cred)

Michael Kors 
Honestly, I think this is the first time I've ever become addicted to Kors. Don't get me wrong, Michael Kors is such a fabulous American designers; however, I've never really felt that strong connection with one of his collections. Until now. With a saloon- vibe, this collection is a combination of all-American and progressive minimalism.  Should we talk about that detailing? Phenomenal. I love all of Kors' fur accents: it may not be very logical when it comes to pre-fall, but I'm a fan! Additionally, I love how Kors plays with hemlines and color throughout this collection. Well done!  (Photo Cred)
Ports 1961
Although this collection is super small,  it's definitely one of my favorites. If there are two things I love in life, it's definitely long-sleeved dresses and prints. There's a retro je ne sais quoi about this collection that I'm in love with; however, there's also something progressive about this collection. All of these pieces offer an effortlessly chic canvas to accessorize. The long dresses, for example, would look great as is or piled on with fur, necklaces, or even a moto-vest.  Obsessed.   (Photo Cred)

Burberry Prorsum
As much as I love my fur, feathers, and all around glamour, every now and then I love me some classic collections. Burberry Prorsum, for example, is the epitome of fashion-forward and classic glamour. In this collection, Christopher Bailey did a phenomenal job making classic fabrics and silhouettes exciting. The rich colors and textures truly added something special to each look. Like that fur jacket? Breathtaking. From fur trim to dainty florals, Bailey successful made this collection a hit.  In addition, the reoccurring bow belt adds femininity to these very traditional looks. Also, it gives the collection an additional consistency. I would also like to add that the men's ensembles are also spectacular.  (Photo Cred)
J. Mendel 
This collection is awesome because there are so many details.  From the creatively bunched bodices to the skirts with the sheared detailing, each evening gown is something to go ga-ga over. Throughout the collection, there's this awesome play between different textures, ultimately creating a super luxe feel. According to Giles Mendel, this collection is all about "unapologetic luxury," which I think is so right-on.  The emphasis on leather, evening wear, and fur precisely hits Giles' inspiration right on the head. (Photo Cred)
Jason Wu
I think it's in my DNA to love everything and anything Jason Wu creates. Fortunately, this collection is no exception. I love Wu's ability to constantly make classic pieces innovative. Sort of like this Burberry Prorsum collection, but different. Unlike Burberry Prorsum, each of Wu's collections are both cohesive and versatile. Anyways, now about the fashion. The everyday apparel is so awesome. I love how Wu incorporated red houndstooth into the collection. In general, I love the edgy contrast between the simple silhouettes and the geometric lines and colors. While his casual wear is stunning, this collection's evening dresses are phenomenal. I'm so smiten with that beautiful cobalt blue dress with the beyond incredible neckline. Fash-gasm, my new fashion word. (Photo Cred)

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