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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

No, the most wonderful time of the year is not Christmas. Silly fashionistas and stylish suaves, the most wonderful time of the year is award season. Hooray, it's finally here! While some people have been super stoked for the big football weekend, I've been counting down the hours until the Golden Globes' red carpet. If you live under a rock, let me make this easy for you: I love the Golden Globes and will always love the Golden Globes most. Well, besides the Met Ball. Anywho, I love the creativity and the collaboration between film and television. This year, I went really hard-core and had my own fashion predictions. For some, I was spot on. Others, well...nobody's perfect.

My Predictions:

  • Fabulous silhouettes and barely any column dresses: On the spring runways, we saw so many gorgeous silhouettes a la old school Balenciaga: Alexander McQueen, Oscar de la Renta, etc.
  • Color, color, color: If you saw the Elie Saab spring runway, you'll understand this prediction. 
  • Sparkle and art-deco: Gucci had some absolutely fabulous sparkled numbers as well as de la Renta's pre-fall show.
What Really Happened...
  • Neutrals: This took me by surprise, but black, white, and nude stole the show.  Actresses like Mila Kunis, Charlize Theron, Kate Beckinsale, and Julianne Moore all strutted down the carpet in these hues.
  • Sparkles: Spot on, yes? Thank you Salma Hayek and Evan Rachel Wood for helping me out here.
  • Volume galore: So much volume it made me so happy! Stars like Sarah Michelle Gellar,  Julianne Moore, and Elle Macpherson ditched the column silhouette.
Now that the trend report is in, it's all about the best and worst dressed.  And leave it to me to give you my honest opinion. All in all, it was a fabulous red carpet and there were so many looks that I loved. 

  • Lea Michele (Marchesa): Well the impossible happened: a Marchesa dress looking horrific. I love Georgia Chapman and everything she does at Marchesa, but this truly looked terrible on Lea. I don't really think this was the right person or place to be wearing this dress. Also, I hate Lea Michele's diva-status: she needs to be tamed. She's not Beyonce and she cannot wear this. Beyonce could.
  • Missi Pyle (Junko Yoskioka): Honestly, this looks like a dumb prom dress that's on clearance. I hate that bow and the tulle-esque layering. This is too cheesy I don't even want to blog about this anymore.  A waste of fabric. And it's not even styled right! 
  • Kelly Osbourne (Zac Posen): I think my mom hit the nail on the head when she said that Kelly Osbourne was trying to look like Carolina Herrera. This dress would've look beautiful on Helen Miren, but Kelly Osbourne? She's purposely aging myself and I don't know why. Besides, what's up with that lavender-gray hair? Disgusting. 
  • Kristen Wiig (Bill Blass): I love Kristen Wiig; however, I hate this look. While I love the nude with her chocolate brown locks, the jewels are way too bold.  It's just look like she's trying way too hard, which I don't like.
  • Amanda Peet (Mac Jacobs): This is definitely not Globes-worthy. The ruffles are not chic in the slightest and the accessories are so primitive.  However, this would be great for a picnic! 
  • Mary J.Blige (Michael Kors): Re-pul-sive. Yes, the halter looks fabulous on her, but what's with those feathers? Maybe this dress would look good on someone else- I'm thinking Zoe Saldana- but it's just not working with Mary J. What about jewels overload? Diaster. It's just too much of terrible things.
  • Reese Witherspoon (Zac Posen): Don't get me wrong: I love Reese and I love love LOVE Zac, but this was not a good fit. The silhouette isn't too flattering and would look much better on a taller woman. Also, where is the styling? The makeup is barely there, and not in a good way.  Jewels? Where are they? I would love a killer bracelet or gorgeous earrings. Nothing! It could've been a million times better.
  • Madonna (Reem Acra): No, just no. It was all so good until the skirt. The dress would've been fabulous if it was completely metallic or completed flapped fabric. But both? Not working. Also, the cross is way too big and looks a little cheesy. 
  • Elle Macpherson (Zac Posen): She is so beautiful; however, Elle needs a new stylist. I'm actually confused as to how someone would think the chintzy jewels would look good with this dress. There's too much going on to even respect Zac Posen's creativity and construction.  She should've had minimal jewels- preferably a cocktail ring- and a soft updo.  Too much of everything, way too much. Major disappointment.
  • Julie Bowen (Reem Acra): No, Julie Bowen, no. She literally kicked fashion-tushy at the Emmys; however, this is too much. The dress is alright, but it was styled completely wrong. I understand where her hair stylist was coming from, but the Lucy-inspired curls are awkward: a soft updo would have been a million times better. 
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar (Monique Lhuillier): She told Ryan Seacrest that her daughter picked out this dress. Well, SMG, you should probably find a stylist.  I love her new show, Ringer, but this is the worst look of the night, by far. The tie-dye print was disgusting, especially with that extravagant silhouette. And what's up with that pony tail? You're not in junior high anymore. 


  • Emma Stone (Lanvin): I was so excited to see Emma on the red carpet and she did not disappoint.  That silhouette works so well on her and that plum-raspberry duo is fantastic. The black clutch and shoes kept this look super clean. Also, the smokey eyes are incredible. My only problem with this look is that it's super similar to the Lanvin ensemble she wore to the Glamour event in November.  A different silhouette would've been preferred, but I'm not complaining! 
  • Kate Beckinsale (Roberto Cavalli): There's nothing wrong about this look, I'm so impressed. It's unbelievably flattering and the jewels overload works with this dress because the dress is so simple. Plus the hair and makeup? I can't even deal with how perfect his is. 
  • Jessica Biel (Elie Saab): Is it weird that I love this? Nope? Good. The high neck and long sleeves works so well with the high slit. The detailing on this dress is gorgeous. To prevent the dress from washing her out, the long hair and pink are perfect.
  • Piper Perabo (Theyskens' Theory): This is one of those looks that you try so hard to hate, but secretly love. Well, it's no secret any more: I'm obsessed with this look. The updo is absolutely gorgeous and the volume of that dress? I'm literally going insane looking at it. The dress is so dramatic, yet super clean. The makeup is super feminine, making the dress standout without being abrasive.  
  • Melissa McCarthy (Badgley Mischka): She looks absolutely beautiful! I love that green with her complexion and eye color. Also, this dress was really flattering on her. Adorable. 
  • Sarah Hyland (Vintage Dolce& Gabbana): Definitely Sarah Hyland's best look ever. She is the epitome of old-school Hollywood glam here. The dress is absolutely gorgeous on her and I love that mid-forearm bracelet. The feminine makeup and soft up-do is ideal. 
  • Ariel Winter (Dolce &Gabbana): Um, how precious does she look? This girl is only thirteen; however, she's so glam. This funky skirt, especially in purple, is super chic on her. I'm borderline obsessed with those loafer-inspired pumps. The soft waves? Divine.  It's youthful, it's quirky, and I love it.
  • Mila Kunis (Dior): The new face of Dior wore her label proud last night.  She played with color so much last year, so I'm really glad that she toned it down here. However, the asymmetrical strap and the quasi-sheer bodice gives this dress the spice that it needs.  The minimal jewels and sleek hair makes this look absolutely classic.
  • Natalie Portman (Lanvin): Once upon a time, someone once said that Natalie Portman was our generation's Audrey Hepburn. After seeing this look, I have to agree. The first thing I thought of, besides how fabulous this is, was Audrey. To me, this Lanvin-especially on her- is such a mix of her Funny Face and Sabrina dresses. The hair and minimals jewels are phenomenal. So classic. 
  • Jessica Alba (Gucci): Beyond gorgeous. I think this light lavender- or at least it looks like lavender- looks perfect with her bronzed skin. I'm obsessed with the glitz and gorgeous, simple train. The monochromatic accessories is right on. 
  • Rooney Mara (Nina Ricci): Although I'm not too crazy about her hair from a side angle, I'm obsessed with this look. It's all about the small details that make this look phenomenal. The cutouts plus the back peplum? Do I even need to describe how effortlessly chic is this? The slicked back hair and minimal jewels make this look clean and simple. By the way, loving the subtle cat-eye! 
  • Heidi Klum (Calvin Klein): Although this look is a little too summery, I'm obsessed. Heidi always does a very dramatic look and a crazy updo. On the contrary, this look is more simple, which I love. the peach plus the gorgeous blue equals amazing. Also, I love love LOVE casual, down hair. Easy, clean, and gorgeous! 
  • Dianna Agron (Giles): Definitely a redemption from that Emmys- mess. The silhouette is outstanding and that detailing? Incredible.  The swans and the ruffles are so fabulous and the red lip is perfect. The minimal jewels and the sleek hair keeps the focus on this fantastic dress.
  • Salma Hayek (Gucci) : I will describe this look as "movie-star Jenny from the Block." The sparkles and the column silhouette equals perfection, especially paired with the "movie-star Jenny from the Block" curls.  The earrings give this look the perfect amount of glamour without going overboard. The simple makeup brings this diva look back down to Earth.
  • Charlize Theron (Dior): As  Charlize says in her commercial, "J'adore Dior." The plunging neckline, plus the high slit, plus the extra hip fabric? Perfection. On most people, I'd hate this. However, Charlize has this certain sophistication and glamour that makes this look seem effortlessly chic. While I hated Michelle Williams' headband, I loved the headband look on Charlize.  Because Charlize can pull off anything, obviously. 
  • Zooey Deschanel (Custom Prada): This is definitely one of my favorite looks of the night. The colored bodice is perfectly coupled with the basic, black skirt. The 60's inspired hair cut is to die for, especially with the feminine makeup. Ugh, she's adorable. 
  • Sofia Vergara (Vera Wang): Fabulous. Sofia definitely has a certain silhouette that works for her body; however, her styling is improving:  more sophisticated and clean. This navy color is phenomenal and I love  the bunched fabric on the dress' skirt: so flattering! On a side note, how much do you love how Sofia says "Vera Wang." I always know this hysterical lady will be sporting "Verda Wong." 
  • Claire Danes (J. Mendel): This dress is number one in my mind.  I'm literally going crazy over this dress. This is the perfect mix of glamourous and edge. All of the different textures truly made this dress a show-stopper. The hair and perky pink lip gave this look a hint of femininity.  Like can we just look at how incredible this is:

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What are your thoughts? Sound off below! 


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