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For those who know me, this post's title may come as a bit of a shock. I love the Kardashians (you shouldn't be that surprised to hear I'm watching Keep Up With the Kardashians as I write this). From their low-class reality show to their empire of boutiques, products, and social events, I think the Kardashians are insane geniuses. Even that four hour wedding special had me watching and rooting for Kim and man- Kris. In my mind, the Kardashians can do no wrong. They're successful! They're entertaining! They're funny! They're fashionable! Little did I know, I would have to rethink the latter.  Now you must be wondering what happened. Cannes happened.

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Sure, there have been a lot of crazy outfits at this year's Cannes, but this one is officially my least favorite. Ever. So why didn't I just include this bad boy in my Cannes roundup? This ensemble was so painful, it needed my undivided attention. I must admit, her hair and makeup is stellar. Sexy and clean at the same time. Scratch that- I like her makeup. I'm such a sucker for the smokey eye and nude lip combination. That hair, on the other hand, needs to go. A slick ponytail would've been perfect, not this greasy mess!  And that awkward slicked back do is horrendous with the Balmain. Speaking of Balmain, as much as I love Olivier Rousteing and everything he does, this gilded mini just does not work with Kim. She's too boobalicious and curvy for this silhouette and deep v. Especially for Cannes! This is a classy event- not the MTV movie awards. On a side note, why  is Kanye even wearing jeans? THIS IS CANNES! HE'S AT CANNES FOR HIS MOVIE.  For such a glam-obsessed "couple," I'm majorly disappointed.  In a world of red carpet glam, does this really suffice? No.

As if this ensemble couldn't get any worse, Kim decides to put on those Giuseppe Zanotti booties. Not only are they an uncomfortable height, but why would you ever pair those with a mini?  She looks like a second-rate street walker. I hate it. This weekend, I decided to re-watch the first season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians and Kim claimed she was a stylist in one episode. I scoffed as any fashion snob would.

To top off this fashion horror story, Kardashian did the unthinkable: repeated an outfit. Sure, she didn't wear the same thing twice, but she stole Gwyneth's show-stopping Pucci from the 2011 Emmys, which is worse.

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Though this happens all the time in Hollywood, Fashion Police wouldn't have a weekly "Bitch Stole My Look" segment if there wasn't, this is terrible. How could you copy a look as infamous as Gwyneth's? So wrong. Especially since the same dress is showcased at two very prominent red carpet events: the Emmys and Cannes. Plus, it's not even like Kim looks better. While er hourglass figure offers a different look, I hate those earrings. They are neither here nor there.

Kim has had some fashion successes since then; however, I really wonder if I'll ever forget this. As much as I hate to say it, I feel like Kim Kardashian is no longer relevant in the world of fashion. It's fine, I was always more of a Kourtney fan anywho.

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