Monday, 14 May 2012

Met Ball 2012

The Oscars is always a very bittersweet occasion for me. While I love the dialogue between movies and fashion, it's the end of award season. In short, it's the end of award season fashion. Thankfully, May brings us something that's a million times better than the Oscars- The Met Ball. The greatest designers, hottest celebrities, and most fantastic designs? Fash-gasm. Though I've been writing this post at a glacial pace, I'm so thrilled to share with you my best and worst dressed lists!

The Worst
Mary Kate Olsen in The Row: Even if I could tolerate the ill-fitted, uber matronly frock, the rest is absolutely horrific. First of all, the dainty bag simply does not work with the stealth frock. Juxtaposition that is neither cohesive nor conservational? No thank you. The makeup makes her look way too chiseled, which ultimately screams "bad trip to the Botox doctor." Last, but certainly not least, the hair. I'm all for quirky hair but this went past disheveled chic and straight to electrocuted freak. I love the Olsen sisters- even Elizabeth- and cherish them as style icons. Except for this occasion. Very, very wrong.  (Photo Cred)
Bruno Mars in Burberry: The suit is fine. I actually love the textured bow tie with the animalistic shoes. What I have a problem with is the hair. Big fashion faux pas. (Photo Cred)
Beyonce in Givenchy: Though this dress is very appropriate for the Met Ball, I just don't like it on Beyonce. She could've worn something more sophisticated or sexy. The purple feathers and lace gloves are a little...cheesy. Whenever I think of this Givenchy collection, I immediately go back to Zoe Saldana's purple moment
at the 2010 Academy Awards. Something is clearly wrong is Beyonce receives less attention than Zoe Saldana (that's just the way it is).(Photo Cred)
Kirsten Dunst in Rodarte: Captain America chic? I'm not feeling it. Instead of embracing her risky, ethereal fashion sense, Dunst opted for a matronly skirt suit. While this might look fabulous on Meryl (but then again, what doesn't?), it's too old for Kirsten. And too plain. I feel like she just rushed to the Met Ball from her Broadway debut. (Photo Cred)
Rachel Zoe in Rachel Zoe: Trust me, I'm not happy about this either. Though I think the fringe dress is genius, I hate the jewels with it. Not only is the statement necklace too bohemian for the Met Ball, it also looks weird with the dropped sleeve. It seems as if Rachel Zoe is too busy promoting her own line than gushing over beautiful pieces and styling stunning looks. I miss the good 'ol days. (Photo Cred)
Kristen Stewart in Balenciaga: No, absolutely not. First of all, patchwork is so 1996 it's not even funny. The placement of each color, fabric, and pattern is not flattering. Instead, Stewart looks a bit chunky. And those shoes? the opposite of chic- weird, creepy, and a mistake all around. Her hair and makeup is way too casual. This is the Met Ball, not Coachella! And no accessories? I'm traumatized. Obviously, I never expect fashion gold when Stewart walks on the red carpet, but this is a disgrace to everyone involved.(Photo Cred)
Shailene Woodley in Christopher Kane: Oh, make it stop! She used to be so chic...what happened? Not only is the print absolutely hideous, but the leather straps around the waist are unflattering. And no jewels? Seriously, what's going on here? (Photo Cred)
The Best
Rihanna in Tom Ford: How major is this ensemble? The sleek silhouette plus the croc skin equals perfection. The drop back and slit gives this fashion-forward dress a dash of sex appeal. Though I usually critique the red carpet tributes (Hunger Games reference) for not doning enough jewels, I love the lack of jewels with this dress- clean, raw, and overtly sexy. J'adore! (Photo Cred)
 Rooney Mara in Givenchy: Ladies and gent, Miss Mara is back! I'm obsessed with this ensemble. The lace skirt is super romantic while the daring asymmetry, shameless sheerness, and deep lip pushes the envelope. The slicked back hair balances off the fripperies of this ensemble. Didn't I say that she was a style icon of 2012? (Photo Cred)
Marina Rust in Vera Wang: So classic. I love the combination of the ruffles and soft gray. The soft makeup and romantic hair? Perfection. (Photo Cred)
Jessica Pare in L'Wren Scott:  Favorite golden girl! The gold metallics have this woven effect that I'm obsessed with. The statement earrings adds a glimmer of edge and sophistication. Pare subdues this uber glam look with feminine makeup. She's phenomenal!  (Photo Cred)
Camilla Belle in Ralph Lauren Collection: Can we say gothic glam? Belle looks stunning in the plunging neckline and ornate details further this gothic vibe. She's sexy, sophisticated, and youthful at the same time. Plus, that dark lip is absolutely everything. (Photo Cred)
Candice Swaepoel in Rag & Bone: I dream of being David and Marcus'  muse. Not only am I completely jealous of Candice for attending the prestigious ball with the design geniuses, her ensemble is to die for. From the lace-embellished back, to the semi-masked slits, to the flattering dual tone design, this dress is flawless. To top it off, the braided ballerina knot exudes an edgy, feminine aesthetic. (Photo Cred)
Coco Rocha in Givenchy: Only Coco Rocha can rock this poppy Elizabeth Taylor original to the Met Ball. While most red carpet staples sport the typical ball gown, I love how Rocha stepped out from the pack and did something totally unexpected and original. The jeweled, paisley embellishments spice up this look so Rocha didn't look too casual. As for beauty, that pink hair is so funky and on-trend! (Photo Cred)
Gone are the day where Emma Roberts was only famous for being Julia Robert's niece...and star of the sub-par teen show, Unfabulous: she's officially a red carpet must. I love the sharp contrast between her pale skin and this bright mustard Escada. The relevant peplum and the thin belt gives this dress a contemporary twist. But don't write this look off as tween chic just yet- the old school hair is so regal and gives this look an elegant flare. (Photo Cred)
Amy Adams in Giambattista Valli; This is such a stellar red carpet moment. From the sleek silhouette to the juxtaposing black and white, this dress works perfectly with Adam's soft, orange waves and the bright red lip. The gilded bow belts dishes out a potent dose of avant garde chic. So major.(Photo Cred)
Renee Zellweger in Emilio Pucci: The Bridget Jones' Diary star said farewell to her typical Herrera gowns and surprised spectators with this fabulous Pucci dress. In my humble opinion, this is the best that Zellweger's looked in a long time. Between the sheer sleeves, sultry cutouts, and textured train Zellweger gets the Met Ball seal of approval. Fabulous!  The messy updo gives this dress some humility; however, the fantastic earrings perfect the transition from casual hair to a standout dress. (Photo Cred)

There has been some...lively dialogue about Sarah Jessica Parker's Valentino ensemble. Some people love it, others hate it. People have even asked my opinion about this ensemble. Though I don't think this is her best, I do believe this ensemble upholds her style aesthetic as well as the Costume Institute's dress code. You're never going to see Sarah Jessica Parker in a typical starlet gown, which is something I adore about her. She's quirky, she takes risks, and always makes a statement. How could you not love that? (Photo Cred)


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