Thursday, 30 August 2012

8.30 What's Trendy?

Although I've been super busy with packing for Boston, I couldn't leave my chic committee hanging.

1. Alanis Morissette 
So apparently Alanis Morissette is making a comeback? A couple days ago, I woke up to the musical powerhouse singing "You Learn" on Good Morning America. Days later, the anthem is still stuck in my head. Let's throw on our cargo pants and crops tops for a "Jagged Little Pill" sing-a-long, shall we?

2. Liquid Lipstick
A few weeks ago, I was given a slew of fantastic beauty supplies. Perfume? Check. Glitter eyeliner? But of course. Liquid lipstick? Yes...wait, what? Well my delicious tastemakers, liquid lipstick is exactly what it sounds like. You put on this magical necessity as if you're applying lip gloss; however, your luscious lips are given a pop of color that only a lipstick can supply. So genius. I'm also pleased to report that this color stays on for hours.
3. Kate Hudson's Laid-back Gucci Look
Leave it to Kate Hudson, Hollywood's resident "Queen of Cool," to give a monochromatic Gucci  suit a boho-chic vibe at the 2012 Venice Film Festival. Though I'd nix the dainty necklace and tailor those pants , Hudson has the rest of the look down perfectly. To mix up the white-on-white ensemble, Kate adds the simple tan tank. With a pair of aves in hand, the nonchalant ensemble lives on. For the grand finale, Hudson comes equipped with her infamous relaxed waves and fresh makeup. This look is not perfect; however, I truly admire Kate for never losing sight of her aesthetic.
4. Nicole Richie's Texture Extravaganza
What does one wear to The Sunset Strip Music Festival, you ask?  Take a page from Nicole Richie's book and create a polished, yet funky, look with clashing textures. The fashion guru paired a soft Mulger top with an edgy leather Winter Kate skirt. Mixing and matching fabrics is a must for the upcoming season. Not only will your wardrobe suddenly have an array of options, but your outfits will have an added depth. On a completely different note, I also adore that colorful clutch!

5. Long, Long Trailer
I'm such a sucker for old school movies. Recently, I aided my nostalgia with Long, Long Trailer. But seriously, how could you resist Lucy's infectious comedy and Desi's adorable accent?  Not to mention  Lucy's ensembles are the epitome of 1950's glam. Polka dots, fabulous hats, calf-friendly hems...need I say more? Additionally, I'd like to call everyone's attention to the fact that this movie makes the seemingly impossible possible: apparently, trailers are glam!


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