Monday, 6 August 2012

To Dye For

My lovely readers, I'm back and better than ever. Thank you so much for bearing with me as I revamped the blog.  I cannot tell you how excited I am to share my crazy, sartorial thoughts with you! Let's jump right back into life in the fab lane, shall we? Yes, I did make a reference to Kimora Lee Simmons' "reality" show. Nobody's judging, right?

It all started when I bought this XCVI dress from Bloomingdales. While I'm obsessed with loose maxi dresses, I was a little skeptical about this bad boy. I mean, it's tie dye. The last time I wore tie dye was for "Decades Day" during my high school's spirit week,  a.k.a. years ago. 
Was wearing tie dye even acceptable? Or would I be banned from the world of fashion for good? Like any style savant, I'm always willing to take risks. So I put on my brave face and donned the tie dye dress to my latest Montauk trip. Surprisingly, my friends adored my getup. I let out a sigh of relief, knowing that once again, my risks had paid off. Originally, I styled this dress with gladiator sandals and a bold lip; however, I love the laid back, boho-chic vibe this look exudes.

I did some research and realized that tie dye is acceptable when you follow modern day rules. What are those rules, you say? I may have taken a small hiatus, but when have I let you down?  
My Ten Commandments of Tie Dye shall not be taken lightly:
1. Pair thy tie dye with neutrals.
2. Thou shall wear only one piece of tie dye per ensemble.
3. Dip-dye and ombre are also acceptable.
4. For a sleek look, stick with dark colors for thy dye.
5.  Stick to two colors whilst rocking thy tie dye.
6. Never wear tie dye in the form of a peasant skirt. It's so different from a maxi dress.
7. By the hammer of Thor, please do not wear tie dye with fringe. Or suede.
8. Embrace a summery theme for this outfit.
9. No bell-bottoms allowed.
10. Thou shall not care what others thinks of thy tie dye, for you only live once.

Don't believe my offbeat rules? I'm not the only one who's embracing this blast from the past. From backpacks to denim, there's no fighting this style reprise.

What do you think of this trend? I'm dye-ing to know! 


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