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2013 Screen Actor Guild Awards: Revenge of the Glam (Sort of...)

Every year, the Screen Actor Guild Awards serve as a terrible tease. Placed right between the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards, the SAGs is the neglected middle child of awards season. Most years, the fashion is always less-than-perfect, but groupies had something to rejoice about as their favorite superstars rocked this red carpet. At the same time, others fell victim to my "take no prisoner" criticism. So let's get this show on the road, shall we?

The Worst
Jennifer Lawrence in Dior: Simply stated, I'm not impressed. Though her hair and makeup look phenomenal, this ensemble is painfully basic (especially when you end up winning a SAG award). The jewelry is so simple, it's essentially irrelevant and that two-part dress is anything but flattering. Also, why would you wear such a complicated ensemble when you know there's a big chance you will have to stand up to accept an award. Riddle me that, Girl on Fire.
Morena Baccarin in Basil Soda: I'm requesting a moment of silence to reflect on that tragic, unnamed incident that shredded Baccarin's dress. Wait...that never happened? Awkward. Without a doubt, Baccarin is obsessed with the designer; however, it's important to know when an addiction has gone too far. This dress? Too far. Deconstructed dresses can look cool, but the Homeland star looks like she just came back from showgirl gig in Vegas.

Ariel Winter in Alex Perry: Is it just me or does Ariel Winter look like she borrowed the dress from Helen Miren? This up-and-coming red carpet fixture usually wows onlookers with youthful and sophisticated outfits; however, this Alex Perry creation makes her look old. And not in a good way. I think she's absolutely adorable but wish that she wore something with a bit more pizazz. On the bright side, her hair and makeup is lovely!
January Jones in Prabal Gurung:  While I adore both January Jones and Prabal, this look is absolutely tragic. Between the high ruffled neck and the defiant hair, her outfit is reminiscent of a colonial man. Though I appreciate how she always dresses outside of the box, nobody should sport crazy hair with a crazy dress-- you will just look crazy. Period. 
Kaley Cuoco in Romana Keveza:  When I first saw this ensemble , I thought Kaley finally did something right. "Reminiscent of Emma Stone's 2012 SAG ensemble," I concluded. And then I saw the bottom, which is absolutely tragic. But are we surprised? The Big Bang star consistently tops my worst dressed list. That hemline makes her look abnormally short and don't even get me started on those bangs. Please save her! 

Rose Bryne in Valentino: To be rather blunt, there is nothing good about this look. What happened? Rose Bryne is always one of my red carpet favorites and while I always admire her fearless ensembles, this Valentino look marks her sartorial "rock bottom." Forget about that tragic print for a second and just focus on that horrid shape. "Everyone loves wearing side ruffles," said no one ever. Unfortunately, those harsh waves and that poppy lip only make matters worse.

Helen Hunt in Romona Keveza: Over-accessorizing isn't always a good thing.
Lea Michele in Valentino: Once upon a time, Lea Michele ruled the red carpet. She wore casual Catherine Malandrino and glitzy Marchesa. Those were the days. As Glee's decline began, the diva's relevance (on the red carpet and otherwise) decreased as well.  Though she tried to wow us in Valentino, I'm anything but moved. First of all, why would she sport Schiaparelli pink when she already had a rockstar moment in that pink Oscar de la Renta number years ago? Do me a favor and pick a different hue. I suggest eggplant. And no accessories?! This outfit is too basic to go au natural, not to mention the feminiene silhouette prevents any sort of "minimalist look." But the biggest problem with this look? The hair. Don't be fooled-- this is not ombre. It looks as if Michele colored her tips, which is something boys in my third grade class did. For shame, Lea Michele, for shame! 

Marion Cotillard in Dior: Though her courage to wear a full silhouette is admirable, this Dior number disappoints in execution. For me, this ensemble's flaws rest in the simplicity of the accessories-- minimalism is simply not plausible when you are sporting a full skirt. While the simple black pumps would be chic with a sleek sheath, they serve as an anticlimactic finale here. Plus, Cotillard's nonchalant bob looks too casual for this gown. The French actress consistently aces every ensemble, so let's hope this is a one-time mistake.

The Best
Nicole Kidman in Vivienne Westwood: Simply stated, Kidman's sartorial choices improve with age. The Paperboy star keeps it youthful in this column dress. Not only is the shimmery applique every fashion snob's fantasy, that high slit gives Angelina Jolie's infamous ensemble some competition. To balance such a potent gown, Kidman ditched the glitzy accessories and opted for a simple pair of strappy sandals.  The super slick hair is progressive and fresh, albeit the middle part is a little harsh. Just divine! 
Julie Bowen in Johanna Johnson: A leather-esque dress? Though it sounds like something a dominatrix would wear, I'm sort of obsessed with it. I love the contrast between the harsh fabric and a girly silhouette. If you weren't completely in love with this dress, the bejeweled sleeves (which makes this sound like a disaster from the 1980's) give this dress a tame touch. From pantsuits to leather dresses, Bowen never fails to try something new.
Sarah Hyland in Dolce & Gabbana: It seems as if Sarah Hyland is enduring a style evolution. Over the past few award shows, the Modern Family starlet has shed her princess-esque silhouettes and opted for vixen-approved silhouettes. And for the record, it totally works. While this body-hugging dress epitomizes maturity, the jewel tone hue and funky print keep this look age-appropriate. The red carpet rockstar also keeps this look youthful with a relaxed ponytail and a trendy midarm bangle. Amazing.

Kelly Osbourne in Jenny Packham: Never a sartorial wallflower, the Fashion Police co-host entered the red carpet with guns blazing. And by guns, I mean a rampant collection of spikes. As an avid lover of edgy glamour, I'm smitten with this look. Though Osbourne always rocks extravagant frocks, I must say that she nailed it on Sunday night. The tough bodice and clutch are perfectly balanced by the basic silhouette and plain train. To pump up the drama, Osbourne added a bright red lip. The only thing that's wrong with this look is the hair. I'm all for creativity,but  her hair's ridiculous hue is getting old.
Eddie Redmayne in Hugo Boss: I originally hated this ensemble because I saw a very unflattering image. I know, how could you find a bad picture of the Les Miserables hunk? But after looking at this outfit more, I'm absolutely obsessed. The suit is perfectly fitted, plus I love how Redmayne took such a fashion risk by wearing a brown textured suit. Swoon.

Kerry Washington in Rodarte: She has been shutting it down this awards season. But doesn't everyone know that? In my opinion, this look is amazing because it focuses on contrast. I love how crisp the white looks against her skin. I love how inspired that structured bodice looks with the lace train. And I especially love how the sleek updo contrasts the complicated Rodarte ensemble. With Washington's recent stretch of sartorial homeruns, I cannot wait to see what she'll wear to the Academy Awards.
Kiernan Shipka in Oscar de la Renta: I'm usually not so decisive when it comes to my absolute favorite look of the night, but this one is literally the greatest thing that has ever been aired on TBS. Yes, I went there. Polished and age-appropriate, Shipka is absolutely a vision in blush. Not to mention the jewel details on the dress offer a dash of childhood creativity. For a clean look, Shipka keeps her accessories to a minimum and sports a head of soft waves. I seriously see no flaws-- it's almost painfully perfect.

Photos: Courtesy of The Huffington Post and US Weekly.

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