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2013 Cannes Film Festival

Welcome to Cannes, where glamorous movie premieres, swanky after parties and apparently jewelry thieves dominate. As expected, the film festival is more like a fashion show in disguise: the industry's fiercest stars cascade down the red carpet in threads that command attention. While some ensembles made style mavens coo in adoration, others were cringe-worthy.  Ready for another red carpet review? I sure am!

The Worst
Julianne Moore in Christian Dior: Even the chicest celebrities succumb to a tragic wardrobe malfunction; however, Moore's fashion emergency was especially disgusting. Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard of the disaster that is "toe-mageddon." It's a shame because otherwise, Moore looked flawless. I love the picture-perfect blowout with the feminine silhouette and dainty jewels. Though I appreciate her sense of humor, I hope she learns a lesson and never wears strappy sandals again.

Janet Jackson in Armani Prive: Sleek menswear with a hip hop twist? No thank you. Overall, this look is just confused. The slouchy pants and pulling blazer create a major fashion faux pas. Additionally, the dainty necklace and chunky platform heels are just too much. Instead, Jackson should've opted for a fitted suit with closed toe,pointed heels.
Rooney Mara: Ever since her breakout role in Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Mara has been applauded for her glamorous and gothic aesthetic. At the Catching Fire party, the actress sported a look that was neither glamorous nor gothic. Personally, this look gives me the heebie jeebies. I'm all for spicing up your sartorial choices, but it's important to know draw the line. For starters, the hat needs to go.

Li Yuchun: There's too much fringe, and then there's too much ombre fringe. While both are quite terrible, the latter is a surefire way to get my starmp of disapproval. Moral of the story: it's not okay for Cannes, it's not okay for the Grammys--it's not okay for any type of fesitivies.

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior: Though I completely adore the cool girl's allegiance to the fashion house, it seems as if Jennifer Lawrence needs a crash course in styling. The berry lip and classic Dior silhouette are deliciously feminine, but the hair is sloppy. Translation? It's simply too edgy for this look. Additionally, this ensemble lacks a dainty choker necklace or dangling earring.

Florence Welch: Once upon a time, the Florence and the Machine songstress was the queen of the ethereal style (to a point where it was annoying). While it's great to see Welch in a new uniform, a pink gown with an embarrassing amount of polka dots is a big no. Not only does the pink look off with her coloring, this feels more like a costume than couture. Better luck next time?

Emmanuelle Seigner in Alexandre Vauthier: The deep v may have (somewhat) worked for Jennifer Lopez  way back when, but Seigner is simply too old to wear this sexual  number. If that neckline wasn't traumatic enough, I don't like how she matched her lip and dress color-- too much! 

Jessica Chastain in Versace: Perhaps Seigner should've opted for this dress instead. Though Chastain is always a vision, this Versace number looks very matronly on her. Plus, the long pendant feels a little random.

Zhang Ziyi in Giambattista Valli: What's black, white and absolutely dreadful? This Giambattista Valli ensemble. The zebra-esque pattern clashes with the film festival's elegance. And what's with that tulle trail? A ballerina costume gone wrong!

Jessica Hart in Valentino: Textured mini dresses are hard to wear. Though Hart probably believed her red sandals would make a statement, they actually prompted this outfit's downfall. So what's the take away lesson here? When wearing a frivolous dress, keep the rest of your ensemble simple with shoes that are either nude or match your dress's hue.

Audrey Tautou in Lanvin: Tautou's styling was on-point, she balanced this shimmery mini with minimal accessories and nude heels, but this dress is way too young. Chic? I say "sweet sixteen."

The Best
Jennifer Lawrence in Christian Dior: Unlike her black and white fiasco, this ensemble works a million times better with her beachy locks. The pink shoes and neon details may initially seem matchy-matchy; however, the unconventional hemline makes this look fabulously offbeat. The "girl on fire" is back!

Fredia Pinto in Sanchita Ajjampur: Thanks to Pinto, old school glamour made a roaring comeback at Cannes. A shimmery number and a deep red lip may be too much in any other scenario, but this is Cannes. The lack of accessories give this ensemble a sense of control.
Tanya Dziahileva  in Georges Hobeika Haute Couture: A vixen in white! I love how Dziahileva juxtaposed femininity and funk.The white appliqued gown screams girly while the harsh red lip is beyond edgy. J'adore
Sonam Kapor in Dolce and Gabbana: Extravagant, yet Kapor's floral number is perfect for Cannes. Unlike most of the soiree's attendees, this style maven choose to have a princess moment in a full-skirted gown. Kapor completed this regal moment outfit with perfectly curled hair and a dainty necklace.
Nicole Kidman in Valentino: After a slew of "too-young-for-comfort" ensembles, Kidman finally rocks a gown that is both glamorous and age-appropriate. The high neck and intricate details offer the perfect Grace Kelly-inspired  image. Brava! 
Kirsten Dunst in Michael van der Hamm: Fortunately, the starlet has broken away from her string of awful ensembles and looks absolutely flawless doing so. The multiple patterns are perfectly balanced by the frock's modest silhouette. Though the polished hair allows the dress to take center stage, the bright red lip proves that Dunst is still wearing this dress (as opposed to the other way around).

Emma Watson in Chanel: For the Bling Ring actress, simplicity is key. Similar to her Met Ball look, Watson donned yet another classic silhouette. Luckily, the glitzy bodice spices up this lackluster shape. To prevent a Liberace moment, the starlet paired this dress with edgy jewels.
Carey Mulligan in Vionnet: Black and white strikes Cannes once again. Though the color palette is overplayed, the sultry cutout brings something new to the sartorial table. The fresh makeup and lack of accessories allow onlookers to focus on the dress's beautiful execution. So smitten.

Sara Forestier in Giambattista Valli: Take note, Zhang Ziyi: this is how someone wears Giambattista Valli. The innovative black and white print spices up the ever-so-popular mullet silhouette. While red shoes with a black and white number tends to look tasteless, the updated t-strap shape and coordinating red lip gives this ensemble a dash of updated Hollywood glamour.

Olivia Palermo in Roberto Cavalli: The east coast fashion icon spiced up the elegant celebration with this Cavalli number. The short hem and clashing textures are super sexy; however, in true Palermo fashion, the tastemaker carefully plans her hair, makeup and accessories. The final result? A fun and sophisticated summery outfit.

What looks are you loving from Cannes? I'm dying to know! 

Photos courtesy of Vogue.and Telegraph.


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