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The 2013 Met Ball

Though this post is a few weeks delayed, not blogging about this year's Met Gala would a major faux pas. On May 6th, the CFDA's punk exhibit opened and its rebellious aesthetic was splattered on the red carpet. From funky hair to "bad girl" threads, it seems as if our favorite tastemakers' ensembles were an extension of the exhibit. But that doesn't mean every look was spectacular. On the contrary, a handful of looks were reminiscent of a horror flick. Check out my best and worst dressed picks below! 

The Worst.
Elle Fanning in Rodarte: I know a punk exhibit calls for defiant makeup; however, this eye makeup gives me the heebie-jeebies, especially with the tie-dye dress. Instead of portraying punk, the potent dress and matching makeup creates a train-wreck.Fanning would've looked a million times better had she sported a sleek black dress and zany makeup.

Marion Cotillard in Dior: The French bombshell is known for her cutting-edge taste;however, this ensemble leaves fashion fanatics feeling unimpressed. Not only does this nude ensemble completely wash Cotillard out, it looks like something you'd find at Forever 21. And instead of adding a necessary burst of funk, the black and white shoes just don't make sense. Hopefully, the actress's "worst dressed" streak will end shortly. 

Cameron Diaz in Stella McCartney: Though the gold spiked belt is absolutely righteous, the rest of the look is too matronly for both the Met Ball and Diaz. The starlet is 40 years-old, yet this ensemble automatically adds another 20 years. And that slicked back hair? No thank you! 
Miley Cyrus in Marc Jacobs: Spiked hair? Mesh dress? Oh, she's just being Miley. In terms of Met Ball attire, this ensemble s perfectly aligned with the exhibit's punk theme. So why is it on my worst dressed list? Even though dressing for an event in crucial, a tastemaker should never compromise his or her level of sophistication. Yes, Cyrus is prone to sporting revealing ensembles; however, this dress is on another level. Additionally, the spiked hair and fire engine pout makes her look a little crazy.

Lily Collins in Vivienne Westwood: Silly Lily, rain ponchos are never chic. Though I appreciate the  use of diverse fabrics, this whole ensemble is just wrong. If  you weren't deterred by the full skirt,  Collins's stringy locks suggest that Mother Nature rained on her sartorial parade.
Gwyneth Paltrow in Valentino: Though this frock is an improvement from the actress's barely-there look at the Iron Man 3 premiere, it's just not right for this occasion. To be blunt, there is nothing about this ensemble that screams Met Ball. Even the infamous Tom Ford cape attire better captured Vogue's ultra-glam aesthetic (not to mentioned that hot pink hue would've been perfect for last year's gala). But above all things, Paltrow is on my worst dressed list for her sourpuss attitude towards the Met Ball.  If you think being at a soiree with fashion's biggest influencers is unfun, there is seriously no hope for you.
Kim Kardashian in Givenchy: There's not doubt that the reality star has received negative press for her inflatable pregnancy; however, her poor choice of ensembles doesn't help smother the criticism. Most of the time, Kanye's baby mama is dressing as if she weren't pregnant. The result? Her style choice are unflattering and look quite uncomfortable. Instead of wearing skintight threads and busy prints, Kardashian should focus on sporting pregnancy-friendly outfits: comfortable shoes, airy silhouettes and empire waists. Though this look is less-than-perfect, I will defend that infamous floral glove. Some think it's a style don't, but let's forget she's at the Met Ball. This wouldn't be appropriate for the MTV Movie Awards, yet the Met Ball demands crazy accessories and creativity.
Zooey Deschanel in Tommy Hilfiger: So now we know why The New Girl star has bangs. Not only does her new do destroy the quirky girl reputation she's worked so hard to secure, she looks matronly. Though this blue asymmetrical dress is darling, it's not right for this event. We're never going to see a punk Deschanel; however, her outfit from the 2012 Golden Globes is more appropriate.
Florence Welch in Givenchy: There's a fine line between being a fashion icon and being predictable. Whenever the Florence and the Machine frontwoman steps onto a red carpet, I'm expecting her to wearing an ethereal Givenchy number. And she did just that at this year's Met Ball.  She shouldn't diss her personal style; however, fashionistas and fashionistos everywhere are getting a case of déjà vu.
The Best.
Miranda Kerr in Michael Kors: As always, the model extraordinaire makes us a little self-loathing in this barely there  Michael Kors number. The dark berry lip and studded clutch offer a dash of vampy glam while the cutout dress keeps this look summery and fun. My only piece of criticism is that Kerr should've pulled her hair into a tight ponytail--the added drama would've made this look absolutely perfect.
Sarah Jessica Parker in Giles: Truly, this is what the Met Ball (and fashion) is all about.  From the clashing patterns to the ornate faux-hawk,  the fashionista embodied the funky theme without losing her style integrity. I'm so glad she makes unexpected sartorial choices after all these years because she continues to teach us that fashion should always be fun.

Rooney Mara in Givenchy: Though Mara's onscreen alterego, Lisbeth Salander, would've fit in perfectly at this year's gala, the emerging actress looked absolutely flawless. As my favorite Givenchy look of the night, Mara's feminine frock was perfectly juxtaposed by the gothic lip and slicked back hair. The result? Punk with class. Brava.

Sienna Miller in Burberry: Adhering to punk's literal interpretation, Miller's surplus of spikes is darling. Though this concept could be executed just about anywhere, this ensemble reminds us that the use of accessories can actually make a look go from drab to fab.

Emma Watson in Prabal Gurung: Seriously, can Emma Watson do any wrong? Though this dress is similar to Kerr's outfit, the Bling Ring gives this revealing silhouette a classic twist. Her look may not be very "punk-inspired," but I think she looks stunning.

What were you favorite and least favorite looks from the night? Sound off below!
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