Monday, 15 July 2013

Trending: Iris von Arnim's E-Store

Once upon a time--more like the 1980s-- Iris von Arnim quickly became one of the most luxurious knitwear brands on the market. With fans such as Eva Longoria, Michelle Trachtenberg and myself (obviously), the German brand still has the same exceptional reputation almost 35 years later. Lucky for you, snagging your own Iris von Arnim piece (or seven) just became a lot easier with the line's brand new e-store.

In addition to purchasing those treasured threads, you can also search for specific trends. Trapez shapes? Just a simple click away. But before you make your final decision and hit "check out," take a gander at "Iris' Favourites"-- it's as if the "Queen of Cashmere" is a trendsetter's new stylist.

Deny it all you want, but the sun is setting on summer. Wipe those tears away: it's almost time to reinvent your personal style with some cozy sweaters and standout fall accessories. Kill two birds with one very chic stone by investing in some pieces from Iris von Arnim's autumn collection.

“The collection is inspired by the woman of the twenty first century, her emotions, fears, the travels that thrill her," von Arnim stated. "When designing, I asked the question of how can my collection accompany her in daily life"

Packed with both high-octane hues and neutral color palettes, I can't imagine how this collection couldn't flawlessly fit into any fashionista's wardrobe. My favorites? The cashmere trench, oversized jacket and reversible full skirt are definitely on my wish list! Whether you add ebullient accessories o or rock a minimalist uniform, this collection guarantees a very stylish upcoming season.

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