Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The 2013 Teen Choice Awards

When it comes to the Teen Choice Awards, age is just a number. No matter how old you are, you're kind of dying to see which celebrities take home the coveted surf board. Additionally, the youthful red carpet is also bombarded with refreshing, high-octane looks. However, that's not to say each ensemble is sartorially superior. Check out my best and worst dressed picks. As always, no attendee is safe.

The Worst
Naya Rivera in Alice + Olivia: I'm sorry, did the Glee star think she was headed to the Sunset Strip? This ensemble is anything but sexy-- it's trashy! As popular as crop tops and bralets are at the moment, pairing this trend with low-rise jeans is a major faux pas. 
One Direction: Welcome to 2013, when dressing up as a pop group has its own set of rules: look similar,not identical. The British boys did a good job at appearing in sync; however, the faux pas run rampant. Liam, why so many layers? It's summer. Why are they all wearing hiking boots? And Harry, dating Taylor Swift doesn't mean you magically turn into John Mayer.

Abigail Breslin: Once upon a time, the Little Miss Sunshine star was one of America's brightest young stars, Though she hasn't done much since her younger years, this ensemble is a twist mix between "Old Abigail Breslin" and "New Abigail Breslin." A modest jacket paired with that super sultry neckline? Is it just me or do you also feel extremely uncomfortable?
Miley Cyrus in Saint Laurent: Quite frankly, the singer "Can't Be Tamed." Though anyone can applaud Cyrus's trim figure, this outfit isn't right for the occasion. A saucy editorial? Absolutely! But a teen award show is a whole other realm. To make matters worse, those white pumps make this outfit look even more trashy. A black pump would've at least added some consistency! 
Hana Mae Lee: I love hats as much as the next fashonista; however, the quirky attendee takes this love too far. If you're trying to great a statement A) Pick a better event such as the Met Gala and B) Choose a better hat. 

The Best
Skyler Astin: The Pitch Perfect star hit the right style notes at Sunday's red carpet. Astin looks casual in a pair of khakis and a simple tee; however, the black jacket is a surefire way to make this outfit sophisticated. Plus, those colorful shoes give this ensemble some much-needed flare.

Kerry Washington in Stella McCartney: Though the leading lady always excels in choosing stunning, event-appropriate ensembles, she especially hit the sartorial nail on the head at this year's Teen Choice Awards. the sophisticated silhouette is perfectly juxtaposed by Stella McCartney's punky print. But should we've expected anything less than spectacular? Both Washington and McCartney are superstars in their respective industries.

Selena Gomez in Cushnie et Ochs: A red carpet goddess, the "Come and Get It" singer has successfully made the transition from "teeny bopper" to a sleek tastemaker. This Cushnie et Ochs number is flattering, but comfortable. Those slits weren't made for a sartorial wallflower-- they are sexy and classy at the same time. On the beauty front, the clean hair gives this look a refined edge. Obsessed! 

The Jonas Brothers: Luckily, this set of singers have red carpet style down to a science. With masculine jackets, black jeans and some sexy scruff, these boys have aced the "look similar, not idea" principle.
Lily Collins in Fausto Puglisi: Though this fashionista's look may not be loved by all-- let's be honest, it's truly a fashion moment-- I'm addicted to this ensemble's drama. The zany Fausto Puglisi skirt is perfectly balanced by a streamlined black tee. As for that subtle headpiece, it's kind of genius-- the perfect way to make a statement without going overboard (a la Hana Mae Lee).
Lucy Hale: Whether she's Aria Montgomery or an aspiring songstress, the pint-sized fashionista is known for her whimsical taste. Lucky for us, Sunday's red carpet was no exception. Not only is the playful fabric combination absolutely heavenly, the bralet and high-waisted skirt leave her baring the appropriate amount of skin-- that was a stab at you, Naya Rivera. Last but not least, her wavy mane adds a dash of glamour to this edgy ensemble.
Shay Mitchell in Jenni Kayne: Take note, Nina Dobrev, this is how to rock a sexy playsuit. The simple color palette takes a back seat, allowing the plunging neckline to stand out. The funky yellow heels and beachy waves are the perfect finishing touches.

Chelsea Kane in Laura Basci: How darling is this monochromatic number? Though crop tops are usually associated with frat-hopping girls, Kane smartly pairs her revealing top with a conservative pencil skirt. Additionally, the contrast between her blonde hair and bright teal is incredibly stunning.
Crystal Reed in Carolina Herrera: What's black, white and chic all over? This ensemble. With cropped pants and defiant hair, Reed is clearly channeling her inner Megan Draper-- and it works! Instead of looking like she's at a themed party, Reed pairs this look with sleek accessories and a red-orange lip. Brava!
Bella Thorne in Fausto Puglisi: It seems as if matching prints were a hot trend! Though Hawaiian printed anything is certifiably tacky, Fausto Puglisi's palm patterns make this fashion don't a do. Surprisingly, it's the variety of colors and the flirty hem that make this ensemble coveted, not too much to handle.
What do you think of these looks? I'm dying to know! 


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  1. Great picks for worst and best. I honestly don't like Selena G's dress. (I have a thing against that odd cut) but your comments were hilarious! Especially on the One Direction boys.