Thursday, 21 November 2013

Introducing The Tuck: Solving Fashion's Biggest Epidemic, One Belt At a Time

Nothing (and I mean nothing) is worse than a sloppy outfit. A bad hair day can be remedied with a stylish beanie, and an accidental spill can be fixed with club soda or a "Tide to Go" sitck. But looking like you rolled out of bed and threw on the most accessible threads is never chic. I repeat, never chic. Even if you did put some thought behind your ensemble, there are tiny wardrobe malfunctions that will instantly make your outfit subpar. Poor fit, a missing button, and that excess belt flap (you know exactly what I'm talking about).  Let's be honest: neither a good tailor nor a spare button can fix that awkward belt flop--it ruins an otherwise streamlined ensemble. Thanks to The Tuck, this sartorial dilemma is no longer a problem.

After being exposed to the glamorous world of New York City's fashion industry, founder Remy Kassimir noticed her stylish outfits had one tiny problem: the dreaded flop. With no solution that looked chic, didn't damage her belts, and wasn't a waste of time and money, Kassimir schemed up The Tuck.

Featuring a bevy of different sizes and colors (brown, black, gold, and silver), The Tuck's mission is to put an end to the horrific flop. Made of real leather, fashionistas who "give a tuck" can purchase one (or more) of The Tuck's three sets: the Standard Set (six variations of the reversible black/brown Tuck), the Metallic Set (six variations of the reversible silver/gold Tuck), and the Complete Starter Set (12 variations of both color schemes).

Recently, Kassimir launched a KickStarter to expand the emerging company. So what can we expect from The Tuck's goal of $30,000? International production as well as fun Tuck patterns: sports themed, animal prints, and rhinestones, for example. More variety to a genius idea? Yes please! 

Do you give a tuck? Sound off below or donate to the cause.

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