Friday, 22 November 2013

DIY (Design It Yourself): ShopRagHouse

Shopping can be such a pain. Don't get me wrong: sifting through racks, editing down my favorites to what I must have, and blissfully carrying a slew of shopping bags is my idea of "Heaven on Earth." However, it's always a drag when you can't find what you're specifically looking for. Scoop neck when you were looking for a bateau neck? No thank you. A dress can be perfect, but if it has a dolman sleeve instead of a cap sleeve, forget it. To make the fashion world a more democratic place, and to actually find those threads you've been dreaming of, meet ShopRagHouse.

Similar to other fashion startups like Bow & Drape, ShopRagHouse gives you the power to design your own clothes. In order for your sartorial dreams to turn into a reality, a couple things need to happen. Fellow ShopRagHouse members vote for their favorite designs, and if yours wins, the company makes the winning designs available for crowd-funding. With enough pledges, fashionistas will be able to buy and sport that adorable cocktail dress you designed. Major, right?

Whether you are looking to jumpstart your career as a fashion designer or just have a really great idea for a forward-thinking jacket, ShopRagHouse is the perfect resource to help get your designs on the market. Since we all love supporting a fashion startup, why not donate to the brand's KickStarter campaign?  With the help of charitable style savants, ShopRagHouse hopes to expand their capsule collection, which currently consists of three dresses: the Diana, Elsa, and "Winning Dress". Rumor has it that there's a discounted, bespoke dress and a batch of cookies in it for you!

So what are you waiting for? Submit a design, donate to the KickStarter, or join ShopRagHouse today! 

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