Monday, 9 December 2013

Trendologist-Approved Gift Guide: The Techie

As active members of the 21st century, it's obvious that we all have a techie friend or two. You know, the one who is a whiz at CMS coding? Or perhaps it's that one person who live tweets Scandal every week, has perfectly curated Pinterest boards, and scores hundreds of likes on every Instagram post. That's right, every single post. For the techie gift that keeps on giving, check out these perfect presents.

Echo Headphone Hat with Pom ($48): "Sorry, I didn't hear you," says your token techie-musician friend. "I had my headphones in." Of course, there are always those people who would rather listen to Haim's latest album than say hello to their loved ones on the street. On some days, it's hard to blame them. If your special someone is going to listen to his or her favorite tunes 24/7, they might as well be cozy. In order to keep warm, Echo's innovative hat has removable headphones sewn in. Um, major. Though the solid colors are to die for,  I'm also loving the color blocked versions of this pick.  (Photo)
FiftyThree Pencil Stylus ($50): There are two types of people in this world: those who don't have a tablet and those who have one and use it for absolutely everything. Emails? Obviously. Writing office memos? You bet'chya. Discovering the tastiest recipes? A given. Want to make this techie's life a million times easier? Meet FiftyThree's Pencil Stylus. Efficient and sleek, this pick actually mocks a pencil-- writing on one side, erasing on the other. J'adore(Photo)

Blurb Instagram Photo Book ($19):Who doesn't love Instagram? No seriously, I would like to meet one person who isn't still head over heels with this app. While most of your friends celebrate #throwbackthursday like it's Taco Tuesday, this personalized present is ideal for that special someone who updates his or her Instagram account on the daily (and probably uses a few too many hashtags). Not only will this gift fuel his or her love for all things Instagram, adding a personal touch is always on trend.  (Photo)

C. Wonder iPhone 5 Bullhorn Speaker ($10): Whether you're stuck in horrific traffic or getting ready for a night on the town, most daily activities require some good pump-up jams. Ideal for that person who is always the life of the party, this gizmo from C.Wonder gives the oh-so-typical iPhone speaker a stylish twist. Available in a plethora of different colors, I dare you to not give this to five of your favorite techies. (Photo)
Triple C For J.Crew Universal Charger ($40): If you know someone who's social media savvy, you might realize that their phones lose battery in the middle of your text conversations. Don't blame them: between Facebook, Tumblr, FourSquare, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, his or her favorite apps require a lot of battery power. Though portable chargers aren't known to completely restore your battery life, this pick is the perfect must-have for any technological emergency. Not to mention that chevron print is just darling! (Photo)
Tech Touch Cashmere Gloves ($38): As lovely as winter is, it kind of puts a damper on our lives. From catching the unwanted cold to being forced to wear "sensible shoes," this chilly season has its share of drawbacks. Undeniably, one of the worst winter dilemmas is when your fingers are too cold to operate your smartphone. And since regular gloves are counterproductive, you are left waiting until you find warmth to check your text messages. Le sigh. Remedy this issue with these ultra-luxe gloves. I mean, cashmere and "practical outerwear" are two things I can get behind. (Photo)
Marc by Marc Jacobs Rabbit Laptop Case ($98): Any techie would tell you that their laptop is some precious cargo, so why not pair the trusty virtual sidekick with a cool case? A healthy blend of kitschy, modern, and truly Marc, this pick is perfect for the quirky computer geek. With a bevy of different colors and animals to choose from,  how could you resist this gift?

Which presents are you dying to give your favorite techies? Sound off below!xx

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