Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Trendologist-Approved Gift Guide: The Jet Setter

Besides awards season, the holiday are my absolute favorite time of the year. I love donating to the Salvation Army bins, listening to Michael Buble's Christmas album, decorating my house, and giving fabulous gifts to my favorite family members and friends. There's a certain joy that overwhelms you when you pick out the perfect present for your loved ones. Not experiencing that gifting ecstasy is worse that your average holiday slump. Prevent your presents from being returned with my series of trendy gift guides! Whether you're buying for the family's token tomboy or the biggest beauty nerd, I promise that these guides will feature something your recipients will adore. And who knows, maybe you'll find a few things to put on your wish list!

Deny it all you want, but we all have those loved ones who have a pretty impressive passport. Cultured and adventurous, the jet setter has been everywhere from Iceland to Hong Kong. Jealous? Absolutely. Embrace their exploratory spirit this year by giving them some travel-approved gifts!

Mary Green Silk Satin Sleep Mask ($28): What could be worse than being blinded by the strong sun rays while trying to get some rest on a six hour flight? Nothing. Without a quick nap, any traveler will be crabby for the trip of a lifetime. So not chic. Make sure your loved ones get some shut eye with this adorable eye mask. From the swank silk-satin blend to the cheeky sayings, this pick is a treat for jet setters and onlookers alike. (Photo)
Smythson Cooper Collection Passport Case ($210): After a couple European holidays or Asian adventures, the jet setter's passport will be a little beaten up. Since onlookers are so impressed with the number of exotic immigrant stamps, shouldn't they also be wowed by the passport's exterior? Without a doubt, Smythson is the best brand for ultra-luxe accessories. A goatskin exterior, soft leather interior, and a variety of colors? What more could a 21st century nomad
ask for?  (Photo)

Longchamp Boxford Travel Bag ($355): As obvious as it may be, a sartorially superior weekender bag is every country-hopper's must-have accessory. It should be lightweight, versatile, and durable. Translation? It should be Longchamp's Boxford bag. Between the traditional silhouette and equestrian-chic leather details, this bag is
absolutely ideal. (Photo)

City Hair Slides ($19): Since logomania is all the rage, what could be a better stocking stuffer than these adorable barrettes? Whether your travel savant wants to sport these in an ethereal bun or score a street style look with these clips, I have a sneaky suspicion this pick will be a coveted accessory. (Photo)
Fashion Insiders' Guide to Paris and New York ($25): Everyone knows to visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Statue of Liberty when they travel to the Big Apple, but your "been there, done that" travel friends are craving some new sights, restaurants, and stores. With a stylish twist on the typical travel guide, these books are sure to be a hit underneath every Christmas tree. (Photo)
Jonathan Adler "Mine" Luggage Tag ($38): Doesn't everyone have a large, black wheelie suitcase nowadays? And how awkward is it to pick up a complete stranger's bag? Very awkward, in case you weren't aware. Practical and chic, this fun Jonathan Adler pick is the perfect way to distinguish one chic suitcase from the rest. So the next time your jet setter friend's bag is accidentally swept off the conveyor belt, they can point to the tag and say, "This is mine." (Photo)

Marc by Marc Jacobs Sleeping Bunny Slippers ($198): Whether you're at the Four Seasons or the Holiday Inn, you can't help but wonder how thoroughly your hotel room was cleaned. Nothing against the wait staff-- kudos for leaving chocolates on our pillows! If your favorite travelers are slight germ-a-phobes, this present is perfect for them. Clean and chic feet? Yes please!   (Photo)
Personalized Leather iPad Mini Case ($116): Nobody, and I mean nobody, likes to lug their laptops around while traveling the world. It's so bulky and puts a major damper on your otherwise flawless security check-in. Since your favorite jet setters have probably known this for some time, it's all about bringing a tablet along for the adventure. Not only does this case protect your loved one's precious iPad, it is very fashion-forward. Unless you're living under a rock, you know that a monogrammed accessory is the perfect way to look professional and polished. (Photo)
Bien Sûr Sweater ($80): To be perfectly honest, traveling isn't as warm and fuzzy as you'd hope. Freezing on the plane? Chilly while sightseeing? This sweater will do the trick. The cotton-wool blend is super cozy, and let's not forget that kitschy logo is perfect for the ultimate traveler.  (Photo)
Nikon Coolpix 630 Waterproof 10.1 Megapixel Digital Camera ($100): Let's face the harsh truth: we can't always travel with our friends to the Maldives or Ghana. Le sigh. "Take tons of pictures," we always say. By getting them this pick, they'll have no excuse for the lack of National Geographic worthy photos. But don't underestimate this point-and-shoot model: it's waterproof so it can be brought to any fabulous destination.  (Photo)

What are you planning to get your jet setter friends? Sound off below! 

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