Monday, 25 November 2013

Red Carpet Review: The 2013 American Music Awards

The few months that separate the Emmys and the Golden Globes are torture. While style savants can always tune into E!'s Fashion Police or gossip with their equally trendy friends about Jennifer Lawrence's red carpet choices, there's a major void when you can't overdose in glamourous evening gowns, tailored suits, and ridiculously awful ensembles. Let us take a moment to thank the American Music Awards for giving us a quick (and completely necessary) fix. Though many of the outfits were questionable, you must admit that these looks give you something to talk about. Check out which starlets hit a sartorial high note and which ones fell a little flat.

The Worst
Aubrey O'Day: I will only say this once: COVER UP FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.

Heidi Klum in Marchesa: It's a general rule that supermodels can pull off anything, whether it's couture or a burlap sack. As of last night, it seems as if this rule has an exception: when Klum wears ultra ethereal Marchesa dress. Georgia Chapman makes some of the most incredible gowns known to mankind; however, this one  looks like it went through a horrid paper shredder incident. Since there isn't much covering the Project Runway host, the black patch of fabric feels uncomfortable (and unflattering). If the dress wasn't cringe-worthy enough, I can't say that I'm loving the bangs either. Sure, the fringe on her head matches the bottom of the dress, but too much fringe is rarely a good thing.

Jordin Sparks in Jovani: Though I am a major supporter of highlighting your best asset, Sparks's ensemble is featuring too much. The high-slit is a great way to show off her legs, but the embellished bodice makes the singer look top-heavy. And that slick topknot and halter neckline do not help the situation. Between the cocktail ring, blinged out heels, and stack of bracelets, Sparks is a victim of over-accessorizing with intent. Instead, she should've nixed the accessories and give her hair some more volume.

Kelly Osbourne in Rami Al Ali: As someone who's supposed to be a fashion authority, this look is a major miss. Though the craftsmanship is fantastic, nobody (and I mean nobody) needs to wear that much tulle to the American Music Awards. Though the flared skirt is darling, Osbourne is too short for this frock. Oh, and another thing: lay off the lavender hair! It's so 2012.
Phoebe Price: There are no words to adequately describe how terrible this is. The hat, the earrings, the waistband, the tulle (oh, the tulle), the hemline-- the everything. Please just make it stop!
Mayra Verónica: Though cutouts are usually a great way to add a dash of sex appeal to any outfir, this attendee needs to learn when enough is enough. While sheer lace overlay has the power to be super sultry, this lighter color palette looks too maternal , and the revealing neckline and slit of skin clash with the color scheme. The result? Granny gone wild. And nobody wants to look like "Granny gone wild on the red carpet." 
The Best
Emma Roberts in Lanvin: She may not always get it right, but Roberts is not one to shy away from an innovative fashion statement. Fortunately, this look is perfect. Everything about the getup compliments her features. The loose silhouette on her tiny frame is slimming without causing any eating disorder rumors, while the gunmetal gown and fuchsia accessories beautifully contrast her blonde hair. The relaxed waves, especially with the dangling earrings, keeps this sophisticated look fun and youthful.

Miley Cryus in Versus Versace: The provocative singer is known for sporting scandalous outfits in her music videos and performances; however, Cyrus's white suit is surprisingly tame. Rest assured style savants, a power suit is not only for the boardroom. With a shortened hemline, punky safety pins, and no top underneath her blazer, the "Wrecking Ball" singer give this working woman look an edgy twist. For a finishing touch, Cyrus channels her inner lady with poised black pumps.
Zendaya in Donna Karan: Not to sound dramatic, but I'm so obsessed with this look it's a little bit insane. The 17 year-old starlet gives tribal chic a modern twist with fun jewels and platform strappy sandals. Unlike Jordin Spark's over-accessorized fiasco, the asymmetrical shoulders and simple design demand some extra bangles. On the beauty front, the fashionista's long hair and voluminous lashes complete the look without drawing too much attention away from the ensemble. Brava!
Kylie Jenner in Maiyet and Giambattista Valli: Is it just me, or are the Kardashians seriously keeping up with the hottest trends?  From Kim's amazing post-pregnancy looks (thanks, Kanye) to this outfit, I am in complete awe. A far cry from the minidresses that the famous family  usually wear, the youngest Jenner channeled her inner rock-n-roll diva and created a look that is so simple, yet so fierce. The 16 year-old smartly accessorized with pointed boots and a quilted Chanel bag, both of which truly make the ensemble.  Oh, and let's not forget that the new bangs are absolutely amazing! Unlike Klum's American Music Awards mishap, Jenner balanced her new fringe with a sleek silhouette.


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