Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Trend Alert: Customize Your Engagement Ring with James Allen

For most girls, their impending nuptials were planned to a T before they even met their soulmate: the flower arrangements, centerpieces and wedding dress have been stowed away in a (not-so) secret Pinterest board for years now. And the ring? Undeniably, that's the most important part.  Your day will come and go, but that ring is a souvenir of all your wedding  dreams.  While you may have settled on a shiny rock from DeBeers or Harry Winston -- though we don't anticipate many people complaining about that -- it may not be perfect. Perhaps the band will be too thick or the sapphire's pigment may not be as potent as you had hoped. Or maybe securing everything you want in a ring resulted in your fiance taking out a second mortgage on your new home. Enter JamesAllen.com, the premier engagement ring company that lets your customize your ring at a reasonable price.

Courtesy of JamesAllen.com

"JamesAllen.com is the story of some diamond guys who had successfully navigated the most 'old-school' of industries, but knew there must be a modern way to buy diamond jewels," says Oded  Edelman, CEO and co-founder of JamesAllen.co,

Launched in 2006, the accessories brand utilizes their special 360-Degree HD Technology Display, which allows customers to pick out their rings within the comfort of their own home: users can play around with the primary rock, secondary stones, band width and settings.  And unlike other fine jewelry e-tailers,  users can choose a specific gem -- which are primarily sources from the United States, India, Canada, Belgium, Hong Kong and Israel -- amongst a wide array of options. Translation? A certain level of transparency throughout the company that promises users will be pleased with the cut, color and clarity of their stones.

Courtesy of JamesAllen.com

With a variety of stones -- pink sapphires, emeralds and diamonds, to name a few -- and settings from a traditional solitaire to a vintage-inspired option, brides-to-be can exercise their creative muscles and conveniently forward their pick to their significant other. And, with a special section of the website dedicated to wedding bands, consider this your one-stop-site for all that shimmers. Need some additional guidance? Browse the e-store's inventory with their Real-Time Diamond Inspection Service, which will connect you with one of JamesAllen.com's in-house diamond specialist for an interactive experience.

All of this must cost your beau a pretty penny, right? Almost. According to Edelman, settings range for $200 to $5,000. And for a ring that is both sentimental and your very own design, that's more of a bargain. It almost sounds too good to be true, but then you remember that every bride deserves a show-stopping engagement ring.
 "We believe that every couple should be able to get the most out of their budget, whatever that may be, and be able to do it in a transparent way where they are in the driver's seat," says Edelman.

Instagram @kmulvs

The Trendologist EIC was fortunate enough to design a ring with JamesAllen.com, and we must say the results are gorgeous. A dreamy sapphire surrounded with a halo of bitty diamonds? J'adore.

How can you not fall in love with this website? Stay up to date with JamesAllen.com by following the brand on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

What type of ring will you make on JamesAllen.com? Sound off below!



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