Monday, 16 November 2015

Look Good, Do Good: Soko x PoP Jewelry Collection

Unlike apparel, accessories have the power to make women (and even men) feel good: size doesn't matter and they easily spice up an otherwise dull outfit. But accessories that make you look good, feel good and do good for those in need? The ideal trifecta. Enter Soko's collaboration with Pencils of Promise. Consider it a match made in accessory heaven: the former connects skilled East African artisans to consumers world-wide while the latter is devoted to providing quality education to those in need. The result? Dreamy, yet modern, jewels.

Pyramid Lariat, $70,

But from inception to profit, this collaboration is about as genuine as it gets. For starters, the whole collection is made from natural and reused brass. And with a focus on creating a stylish, sustainable pieces, most of Soko's materials are locally-sourced, reclaimed and sometimes the result of local procedures like Nairobi's "cash for trash" programs.

"As an ethical fashion brand, sustainability is core to our mission and something we take into consideration at all levels of the design and production process," says Gwendolyn Floyd, co-founder of Soko.

Glam V Cuff, $55,

When it comes to the actual design? The V motif seen in this nine piece line blends the two businesses together: it plays off both the tip of a pencil and Soko's logo. Not to mention that this exclusive collection's trademark is undeniably sleek and can easily be dressed up or down.

Ranging from 30 dollars to 70 dollars, this line has everything your jewelry armoire could dream of: cuffs, earrings, necklaces, rings and even a pocket clip to spruce up to your work blazer. But regardless of which accessory (or accessories) you buy, Soko will donate 20 percent of the total revenune to Pencils of Promise, which is promoting educational improvement in Ghana.  Chic, affordable and philanthropic? Hard to beat that.

Which piece are you dying to purchase? Sound off below.

Catch up with Soko and Pencils of Promise on Instagram.



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