Tuesday, 15 December 2015

The Trendologist Gift Guide 2015: The Millennial

Finding gifts for your nearest and dearest (let alone those frenemies you drew from a Secret Santa picking) is hard. Securing actually stylish presents? Even harder. Welcome to the annual Trendologist Gift Guide, the chicest guide to finding presents for those super niche people in your life.

Since the dawn of selfies, you've had a love-hate relationship with millennial. Sure, they're basically fluent in emoji, but the number of likes they have on their Instragrams (compared to your measly 20 likes) is really frustrating. Wrapping up a selfie stick seems appropriate for this type of giftee, but let's face it: they probably already have a few. So what are 21st century-friendly tokens are you supposed to get them? Behold: presents that will make your youth culture-obsessed friend say "OMG."

Del Toro #TrophyWife Slippers, $325: Millennial girls love emojis. All females -- regardless of age -- love shoes. The happy medium? Shoes adorned with emojis, naturally. Made in Italy, this velvet pair will simultaneously add luxury and some energy into your giftee's ensemble.  Not to mention that these flats are finished with quality details like wooden heels and grosgrain ribbon piping, which means that these are shoes your recipient will wear until emojis are no longer popular (a.k.a. until the end of time). And no matter your recipient's level of feminism, she won't be offended by the bridal theme: marrying a rich and ambitious man (or woman) has alway in her plan. Can we say #girlboss? 

Zero Gravity Gold Mirror Case, $32: You love your token millennial, but her texting addiction is past the point of return. Case in point? She is that girl who always leaves her phone out when you two are grabbing dinner, not to mention she'll flip her phone over to check her notifications every 20 minutes. Well if she's going to keep her phone out, you might as well get her a luxe case. This gilded pick from Zero Gravity is eye-catching enough that you'll also be glued to her phone, and the glitzy hue will add a jolt of energy to any surface. As an added bonus, she can avoid tapping her phone into selfie mode when she's reapplying her lipstick.

Vector Smartwatch, $399: Because manual watches are so-yesteryear. Relatively new to the US market, this smartwatch from Vector will have all your millennial's onlookers curious. And since making your gift's benefactor a trendsetter is a present in itself, consider this a win. The exterior looks like any old chronograph, but in reality? This pick boasts a 30-day battery life and is compatible with your smartphone (Apple, Android or Microsoft). Plus, it's wallet-friendly price will give your giftee the look of a Patek or Omega without the sticker shock.

Kelly Wearstler "Hashtag" Necklace, $1,595: Jewelry is a typical gift to get any style-conscious woman, but pieces with a hashtag? Not so much. Though pricey, your youth-obsessed recipient will go crazy for this necklace.  Courtesy of accessories/interior Kelly Wearstler, this bling features dozens of champagne-hued melee diamonds, which gives you some definite bang for your buck. And whether matched with minimalist cocktail dress or a T-shirt and jeans combo, this frosting can definitely be dressed up or down. When your recipient opens this present, provide her with some fun trivia: the hashtag used to be called the "pound" or "number" symbol.
Charlotte Olympia Feline iPhone 6 Case, $325: If you think about it, it seems a bit silly to trot around a large bag in 2015. Because as much as you'd like to deny it, you have everything you need in your phone. Camera? Check. Wallet? Thank you, Apple Wallet. Games to play when you're stuck on the subway? Candy Crush, obviously. Finished with a delicate gold chain, this iPhone slot can easily double as a small satchel. This one's calf grained leather is sure to protect your phone in cold weather and dramatic drops, plus the embossed cat is too adorable to resist.
Selfish  by Kim Kardashian-West, $13: Anyone who had a smartphone before they graduated high school knows how to take a selfie. So why get them this book, you ask? Because if Kim Kardashian-West is the reigning Queen of Selfies, don't her subjects need to pay their respects? Filled with private, Insta-famous and even some XXX selfies, this photo book will double as a chic addition to her coffee table or bookshelf.
Mobile Lens Set, $34: Unlike Facebook, Instagram is not just a mere social media platform for millennials: it's an art form. And sometimes, that dinky iSight camera just won't do. Sigh. Luckily, this kit will satisfy all shutterbugs' needs by featuring the essentials: a wide-angle lens, macro lens, fisheye lens, universal clip and handy storage pouch.While the verdict is out on whether or not they'll give you partial credit for their latest photo series, you'll be satisfied by knowing that you gave them the gift that keeps on giving: Instagram likes, of course.

Ted Baker 'Sue' Suede Tech Gloves, $135: God forbid a Millennial forgoes texting outside even on the chilliest of days. Since your youth guru didn't put "frostbite" on her wishlist, a pair of tech-friendly gloves are both a stylish accessory and  necessity. Not only is this suede pair from Ted Baker extremely chic and versatile, they are also treated so your recipient can text the winter away (while staying warm). Plus, the copper-colored button gives this tactile pair a fun twist.
Emoji Girl Charm Bracelet, $25 When Emoji footwear is just not enough symbols for your giftee, get her this. Cheaper than a bracelet made by jewelry heavyweights, this bangle from Emoji Girl is a cheery (and unapologetically 2015) addition to her ever-growing wrist party. Customers can choose between a gold and silver bangle, and then up to three emoji charms of their choosing. We're still waiting for the taco emoji charm, but your recipient will be able to sport smileys, peace signs and everyone's favorite hair flip face. (Photo Courtesy of Igsta)

What are you getting your millennial giftee this year? Sound off below.


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