Monday, 21 December 2015

The Trendologist 2015 Gift Guide: The Fashion Girl

Finding gifts for your nearest and dearest (let alone those frenemies you drew from a Secret Santa picking) is hard. Securing actually stylish presents? Even harder. Welcome to the annual Trendologist Gift Guide, the chicest guide to finding presents for those super niche people in your life.

Buying presents for anyone is a challenge, but consider gifting that fashion girl in your life to be ten times worse. Not only is her well-curated wardrobe a tough act to follow, but everything you think of as cool and a viable present she's probably had for at least six months already. But before you give up or opt for a gift card to Bergdorf Goodman (which she'll like, but where's the creativity in that?), feast your eyes on ten gifts that any trendsetter will adore.

Altuzarra Ghianda Knot Small Saddle Bag. $2,195:  Buying accessories for the fashion girl in your life is an easy win: they're versatile and unless a gift is absolutely horrendous, she'll find a way to wear it. However, getting her an "it" accessories from a top-knotch designer will have her worshipping you for years to come, all while silently complimenting your excellent taste. Handbags are new for New York designer (and fashion royalty) Joseph Altuzarra, and this saddle bag is pretty amazing (sticker shock aside, of course). Not only is this purse made of super  soft leather, the tassel will instantly elevate any ensemble, plus navy is a more fetching neutral than a stodgy black or grey. 

Diptyque Sapin Candle, from $35 for 2.4 oz: Not looking to drop thousands of dollars on your chicest friend? We don't blame you, but consider this festive candle an equally luxe (yet affordable) option. If candle brands had catty, high school stereotypes, Diptyque's would be the cool, popular and well-dressed one that everyone wanted to be. Founded by a trio of artful Parisians -- interior designer Christiane Gautrot, painter Demond  Knox- Leet and director Yves Coueslant -- Diptyque boasts an array of inviting, unique and fancy scents. Your fashion-forward friend probably has loads of the brand's traditional scents her disposal, but Sapin is a more seasonal blend that she'll also love. With a base of pine trees and hints of mandarin, this one provides a whole new take on a holiday scent.

Cos Long Contrast Panel Shirt, $99: Here's a best kept secret about most fashion girls: the ones who eat, breathe and sleep fashion don't usually parade around in extravagant full looks from the latest runway show. Instead, they tend to keep their daily ensemble simple with quality, modern pieces. Add to your recipient's minimal wardrobe with this top from Cos. At first glance, it looks like an average button-down, but the smallest details -- pointed collar, graduated hemline and streamlined silhouette -- pack on the punch and will easily elevate any ensemble. Plus, it can be worn with essentially anything, so expect your recipient to stock up on this shirt in the months to come.
Where's Karl?: A Fashion-Forward Parody, $16Forget what you saw in The Devil Wears Prada,  having a style and a sense of humor need not be mutually exclusive. This season, bring those two together with fashion's fun take on "Where's Waldo?": "Where's Karl?". While you and your recipient are pillaging through the pages to find the Chanel creative director, don't be surprised to also spot illustrated incarnations of other tastemakers: Anna Wintour, Bill Cunningham, Carine Roitfeld and Choupette, Lagerfeld's cat, all make appearances in this cheeky tome. As an added bonus, it will be a wonderful addition to her ever-growing stack of art books.  Translation? Picking up this present is pure genius. 
Mizuki Sea of Beauty White Pearl Earrings, $680Getting a girl jewelry for the holidays is a no-brainer, but for a fashion girl? The stakes have gotten about ten times higher. With a jewelry armoire already filled with everything from topaz and tourmaline, finding something that will truly wow her is not an easy feat. Luckily, these earrings from Mizuki are the perfect blend between traditional and modern. Pearls are something that every woman can wear with a slew of outfits, and the thin (yet dramatic) dangling structure prevents these from looking too mumsy-- not to mention that the tiny white diamond accents make these comparable to expensive fine jewelry while being reasonably priced. And that, dear reader, is an accessories win-win. 
For Restless Sleepers Printed Pajama Shirt, $699: As stylist-turned- designer Rachel Zoe once said, "Glamor is a state of mind." Most style savants heed this advice and strive to live their lives as fashionably as possible around the clock. It's hard to compete with closets full of daytime attire, eveningwear and accessories; however, a super swanky set of jammies will not only be a viable addition, it'll also allow her slumbers to be a stylish affair. This silk set from Francesca Ruffini's For Rest Sleepers will ensure a cozy slumber, and this punchy print adds some much-needed life to your recipient boudoir threads. Sure, the top alone costs a pretty penny, but think about it this way: add a pair of boyfriend jeans and this top can easily be worn during awake hours.
Charlotte Tilbury "The Supermodel" Set, $245: For most tastemakers, an interest in fashion and beauty go hand in hand. After all, radiant skin and perfectly coiffed hair are the ultimate finishing touches to any well-edited ensemble. While the British makeup guru has several makeup sets for every girl -- "the Bombshell" and "the Sophisticate" are just two examples -- "the Supermodel" set is perfect for anyone who wants to adopt an effortless glam makeup regime. And since nobody wants to look like they caked on pounds of foundation, we like to think this kit is suited for everyone. If the bevy of products for lips, eyes and face doesn't impress her, she will definitely adore the cute lipstick marked case. 
Victoria, Victoria Beckham Cropped Mid-Rise Flare Jeans, $395: Sure, giving your resident queen of chic smart, versatile pieces is a safe option; however, there are loads of trends that she probably loves but would never buy for herself. Case in point: statement denim. From patchwork to innovative silhouettes, denim has gotten a lot more exciting over the past few seasons. Breathe some much-needed life into her denim game with this affordable pair by Victoria, Victoria Beckham. From the refreshing shape to the quirky coloring, one thing's for sure: these are a lot cooler than your run of the mill skinny jeans. Whether she pairs this with an oversized turtleneck or a simple T-shirt, these pants will be stylish all year round.
Fornasetti Chess and Card Set, $1,085When finding particularly chic clothes and accessories fails, find something that will add some style for your giftee's home. While that ultra-soft cashmere throw and printed pillow are great options, they tend to be a bit predictable. This year, think outside of the box with this game set from Fornasetti. While it's not the cheapest option, this set blends practicality and entertainment with a surrealist flair that will look great on your recipient's coffee table when idle. And with a set of dice, cards, chess and checker pieces, the virtually endless gaming options will bring your giftee and her loved ones together for hours. And isn't that priceless?

Malone Souliers Veronica Suede and Leather Flats, $547: Gone are the days when trendsetters were forced to sport five-inch stilettos on a daily basis. Thanks for several footwear phenomenons including Alessandro Michele's fur-lined loafers at Gucci and Adidas's ubiquitous Stan Smith silhouette, having your heels are on the ground is in. Whether your fashionable recipient has a penchant for heels or for flats, she's going to love these kicks from cult favorite Malone Souliers. The technical strap work makes these just as fancy as a pair of heeled sandals while tiny wooden heel will make these comfortable for even the fussiest fashionista. Plus, the versatile colorway will have your giftee wearing these well after the new year .

What will you get your fashion girl this year? Sound off below.

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