Thursday, 24 December 2015

The Trendologist 2015 Gift Guide: The Foodie

Finding gifts for your nearest and dearest (let alone those frenemies you drew from a Secret Santa picking) is hard. Securing actually stylish presents? Even harder. Welcome to the annual Trendologist Gift Guide, the chicest guide to finding presents for those super niche people in your life.

You may like trying new restaurants and dishes, but the foodie in your life is borderline obsessed with food. She knows the difference between taragon and cayenne, plus she's tried the most abstract cuisine before you've even read about it. Sure, it may be annoying to pause after each bite and analyze all the ingredients in each dish ("I wonder which olive grove these were grown in," she contemplates when you -- and most people-- couldn't care less), but the fact of the matter is that you always eat well with your cuisine connoisseur. Show your gastronome just how much your appreciate her quirky food habits with gifts that will tug at her heart strings -- and taste buds.

The French Women Don't Get Fat Cookbook by Mireille Guiliano, about $15: Giving a foodie a cookbook for Christmas isn't very groundbreaking; however, when it comes to tasty tomes, it doesn't get chicer than Mireille Guiliano's "The French Women Don't Get Fat Cookbook." From fashion to food, most people aspire to have a typical French woman's je ne nais quoi, and this book allows your recipient to eat like her dream woman (all without gaining some additional pounds). And don't think of this pick as Weight Watchers with a couple ouis  thrown into the mix: this book perfectly blends enjoying food with  keeping that willowy frame. And with everything from chocolate mousse to carbonara inside, this is a book that any foodie will readily support.
Sperlari Italian Gianduja Zanzibar, $6: Forget those Godiva chocolates. Anyone with a sweet tooth will appreciate any mall bought-- or, for that matter, pharmacy-bought chocolates--  but what they really want? A milky dessert that will leave them begging for more. Created in Italy, Gianduja mixes a little bit of chocolate with hazelnuts from the Langhe hills south of Turin. But in non-epicure terms, think of this bar as a more luxurious, solidified version of Nutella, which will instantly be a crowd-pleaser this holiday season. As an added bonus, this will make an excellent stocking stuffing for even the most novice foodies in your life. 
Atom Art Serving Bowl, $24: For any munchie maniac, decorative bowls are the art books for museum rats: there's no such thing as too many, plus they make for an expressive (and extensive) collection. Dishwasher and microwave safe, this feminine bowl from Anthropologie is perfect for both reheating last night's take out order and stowing popcorn for your latest Netflix binge. The silhouette is simple; however, the girly mint green pattern and marigold trim are sure to add some fun to any stodgy shelf, not to mention it's porcelain material will last your recipient may years to come.
Denim Cross-Back Apron, $109: Anyone who is obsessed with all courses from appetizer to desserts is most likely to dabble in the kitchen. If you hear your favorite foodie lament about her cooking woes, gift her this super sleek apron. Inspired by Dutch iterations and hand-sewn in New York, the urban denim take on the apron is perfect for your frills-free giftee, plus its sleekness is way more Michelin Star than Magnolia Cupcakes. And with a criss-cross back, two pockets and a loop for a dish rag, this pick is equal parts practical and stylish.
Tom Dixon Plum Ice Bucket, $209: Some say that food can be art; however, there's no reason why the things you store your most important ingredients in can't also be art. Take this ice bucket from Tom Dixon, for example. Made of mouth-blown glass,  this is a far cry from those dinky ones you find at an all-inclusive resort. Whether in use or capped with the hand-painted copper lid, this piece will become a standout accessory on any bar cart, and double as a piece of unique art when idle. And that, ladies and gents, is a gifting win-win. 

Rifle Paper Co Citrus Recipe Box, $34:   A tell-tale sign of being a major gourmand? Compulsively swapping recipes with fellow foodies. While erasing that "Recipes" note on her smartphone is just one false tap away, giving your recipient a cutesy recipe box is a no brainer. This one from Rifle Paper Co., for example, comes with its own set of recipe cards, which will make it that easier for your giftee to transfer her digital notes to paper. Plus, the funky, retro print and tin exterior offers a vintage vibe to any counter.
A.J Oil Drizzler, $78: This season, tell your favorite foodie to say goodbye to those plastic olive oil containers and hello to a sleeker model. Just like salt and pepper, oil is something your giftee will have in her kitchen at all times. But instead of hiding that generic bottle in the depths of her pantry, this cool pick from A.J will make her want to showcase her oil for all to see.  This minimalist glass shape is frills-free, but the cheery yellow hue will add some much-needed energy to a cooking staple.

Olympia Provisions Salami of the Month Club, $145: The best part about being a self-declared foodie? Having an expert opinion of different types of cuisines and essential foods. While you may be inclined to roll your eyes at those cliched "Fruit of the Month" or "Wine of the Month" clubs, you have to admit that they do help any inspiring foodie become more knowledgable. However, spice it up this holiday season with Olympia Provision's Salami o the Month Club. Each month, members will receive about 4.5 oz of the prized meat along with some tasting notes. As Joey Tribbiani once said, "Here come the meat sweats."

Laguiole en Aubrac Ebony Salad Servers, $398The secret to a chic kitchen isn't just filling your refrigerator and party with the most decadent-- and Instagram-worthy -- ingredients: using stylish wares is another must. A combination of  a stainless steel fork and spoon combination as well as ebony handles, this set from Laguiole en Aubrac requires over 100 steps to manufacture. Translation? You know you're gifting your foodie long-lasting tools. And lucky for you, this set is definitely versatile to blend in nicely with any kitchen. 

What are you getting your favorite foodie this season? Sound off below.


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