Saturday, 3 April 2010

A True Inspiration

I never consider myself a true fashionista: I call myself an aspiring fashionista. As a fashion queens in training, we are constantly trying to improve our style. Sometimes, we need an extra boost to enrich our passion and knowledge .On my British holiday, I sound quite English saying that, I found the perfect thing to inspire even the most self sufficient style queen: The Fashion exhibit at the Victoria and Albert. After acquiring knowledge about this exhibit, I anxiously awaited seeing it. While the Reinssance sculptures and artifacts were more than impressive, I was blown away by the fashion exhibit. Countless designers were in this collection, Yves Saint Laurent,Catherine Walker, Manolo Blahnik, Vivienne Westwood (who I learned is kinda a big deal in London), Christian Lacroix, as well as eighteenth century designers. Of course, a dress by the late and great Alexander McQueen was glorified as the dress of the year. It was truly inspiring to see fashion's transformation; I consequently wanted to study more about designers and time periods. Ultimately, I wanted to try my hardest to become a real fashionista. The earlier designs were so intricate, and fancy, which made me oddly long for the days of petticoats and chivalry...not like I ever experienced them! My absolute favorite piece was Jean Patou's elegant, yet casual, evening gown (pictured). It was a combination of everything I love: the silhouette and gold belt portrayed a vintage glamour and the shimmer exuded a whimsical femininity. Before this exhibit, I never knew who Jean Patou was. Then I a rather obvious epiphany: I need to research the obscure designers, not just Karl, Diana, and Donatella . If Jean Patou can pull of this amazing work, just think about what less famous designers can do! Although style is mainly about intuition and editing, we need to study it too!

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